Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Letter's criticisms of dog park effort are unfounded

In response to Timmy Kramer's letter, "Better causes than dogs to raise funds for" (Dec. 12), I would like to say a few words.

Dog parks are wonderful. Not only are they a great outlet for dogs, they are family-friendly places to have fun. You don't honestly think just the dogs go to a dog park do you? Crescent City could most definitely use more family-friendly places that encourage physical activity and positive family time.

A dog park also gets people involved and talking with other dog owners in the community. While I agree there are many problems a community could deal with ahead of a dog park, who is anyone to bemoan a dog community that puts in the work, fund-raising, time, etc., to achieve its goals?

If you see a deficit in your life (such as the defunct playground you mentioned in your letter), I challenge you to do something about it. By all means, get the ball rolling for the causes in which you believe, but don't tear down the causes of other people that have the gumption to pull their dreams into reality.

Last, I have a hard time believing your dog can't tell the difference between being in your backyard and going to the beach. You either have a beach for a backyard or I'd bet my bottom dollar that you've never taken him to the beach.

Kathy Henion,Sacramento

Japanese construction isno model for us to follow

Regarding Ronald Thompson's Dec. 24 letter, "Tunneling is best way to get around Last Chance," regarding tunneling through Last Chance Grade Japanese-style, are you sure you have really been to Japan?

The Sugamo tunnel collapse killed nine, and 360 feet came down. Forty-nine other tunnels closed for being unsafe. The only checks in Japan are visual, never x-ray or physical.

Have you not heard about the unbelievably shoddy construction at Fukushima? Every time I am in Japan I am scared to death staying in their flimsy tall buildings ready to collapse and especially going through tunnels.

You want that construction quality here? I suggest you visit Shimane and go through a few tunnels there and then tell us again that is what we want. They do it there on the cheap with low quality concrete and bolts. Wedon'tneed that.

Larry Fortier,Beaverton, Ore.

Fond memories of recentlydeceased school principal

When I read Linford E. Mallett obituary in the Dec. 14 edition, oh what memories.

He was the best principal ever. When he came to Crescent Elk, I met with him many times, lots of counseling. At Crescent Elk, I learned to dance, learned to play sports, and when my tires were flattened one day at school, I got upset and flattened all the bikes' tires in the bike racks.

Of course I had no idea he was watching me do this from his office window. Later he sent a messenger to Mr. Robinson's class. He wanted Donovan Tolman to come to his office, which I did.

I came to his office wondering what was up. I walked in and he looked at me and handed me a bike tire pump to pump up tires, never said much, but pointed at the bikes below his office window, with all their flat tires.

I then spent the rest of the school day pumping up tires.I laugh about that quite often, learned my lesson in a good way.

I attended Crescent Elk from 1950 to 1958, and Del Norte High School from 1958 to 1962.

Donovan Tolman,Arcata