The cat did it.

No, he didn't eat my homework - he dialed my phone.

A few mornings ago, I awakened to find the red light on my cell phone blinking. A text message from my daughter was asking if everything was all right because I had called her just after midnight but did not say anything.

She called me back, but I did not answer (I was sound asleep), but she decided correctly that if something were indeed wrong, my grandson would have called her, too.

I usually lay my phone on the table, keypad down when I go to bed - and I had not done that.

When I checked the list of dialed calls, sure enough, a call had gone through not only to her, but a couple hours later, one to another number.

Both my cats love to chase lights, and as soon as you touch any button on my phone, it lights up. And when you have folks listed on speed dial ...

It's always nice to know your family cares about you. But when we look at the question of faith, it's sure good to know that God cares about you, too. Prayers that are answered certainly do assure us of that, and I've had plenty of those lately.

But I can't blame the cats for the lack of information this week.

It happens after the Christmas and New Year's events. Folks are tired after all that rushing around and need to catch that second wind that will carry them through to all those coming Easter programs.

Although the initial introductory session of the Depression seminar at the Seventh-day Adventist is over, the seminar itself is ongoing for eight weeks. This could be a good thing for folks who have lost a loved one and are having a difficult time coping with the drastic change it has brought to their life.

If you think this could help you, I would bet that if you called 464-2738, you would be welcome to participate.

You don't have to have special events to go to church, though.

Take a look at our directory of churches on this page. And check out the many varied services and Bible studies they offer.

We have so many wonderful churches in this town. Just about any denomination you could want, and more than one of some denominations!

What is your choice in worship style? Is it more traditional, or more contemporary?

Our churches range from charismatic to very traditional - and some of them even provide two services on Sunday, both a traditional and a contemporary service. Some of them also offer a second service in the Spanish language as well.

Additionally, some churches schedule monthly game nights and movie nights - activities for the whole family, and good times that give you a chance to get to know your fellow church members so much better than if you only see them Sunday mornings.

Haven't been to church in awhile? Or maybe it just never has been your "cup of tea"? Why not give it a try? You just might be pleasantly surprised.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or e-mail