Del Norte Triplicate Readers

We benefit more from Calif. than we contribute

I am so proud of our Board of Supervisors and its intelligent decision to really look at the pros and cons before jumping on the bandwagon of the idea of a state of Jefferson ("Supervisors defer issue of new state," Jan. 16).

Everyone has a right to an opinion. Well, my opinion is that I am a native Californian, born in Berkeley, educated in Oakland. I have lived in Del Norte County since 1965. What I have observed while living in this most beautiful part of California is that we have benefitted more from being part of California than we have been able to contribute.

We are a very poor county, we have benefitted by being in the state of California. Look at the social services budget, K-12 education and university system for our children, Caltrans improvements, Pelican Bay State Prison, etc. Do you honestly think we could support any of this with the state of Jefferson? I don't know much about Siskiyou, Modoc and Tehama, but from what I have heard, they are in much of the same financial situation as Del Norte, which isn't good.

I was really pleased to see that Supervisor Martha McClure brought up the bogus survey that the Hiouchi water district thought it was pulling off.

Good reporting, Triplicate, keep up the good work.

Jackie Cochran,Crescent City

Many mentally ill in county do go untreated

This is in regards to the statement made by Gary Blatnick, "No one will go untreated" in the Jan. 11 article "Mental health services in spotlight." I beg to differ with that statement and you need to look into mental health services.

Someone close to me recently encountered manic behavior and delusions. She was taken to Sutter Coast Hospital (SCH) for suicidal behavior and evaluated by a mental health representative (MHR) and was released if she promised to attend one counseling appointment.

Within two months of this episode she was taken to SCH for being a harm to herself and MHR assured me that she qualified to be transferred to a psych hospital on a 51/50 hold. After the MHR learned that she had private insurance she stated that could be a problem because they were used to providing service to patients with Medi-Cal.

When I return to SCH I find she is being released because she had "future plans." While preparing for discharge she had an episode and the MHR said she would transport her to a safe location. Less than 12 hours after being released from SCH, she was detained by the Police Department and released and then arrested by the Sheriff's Office for assaulting her spouse.

I was again told she qualified to be transferred but that there were no beds available. I asked what their plan was if there were no beds and the response was that she would be released after a couple hours. How can it be safe for someone to be released back to the public after stating they qualified for a 51/50 hold and needed further help?

My family made calls and found there were numerous places with available beds. I informed the MHR that if she was released that her next actions would be on the accountability of Mental Health. She is now in a psych hospital and they have questioned why such a delay in her getting treatment. If she would have gotten treatment sooner she would not be in the state of mind she is now.

Many of the mentally ill in this county go untreated because they don't have family that will be an advocate for them. I understand lack of services, but that doesn't mean you release someone who is a harm to themselves or others. You do the research and you get that person the help they need.

Haley Smith,Crescent City