Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Finigan obstructing effort to join Jefferson

Why is Supervisor David Finigan ignoring the will of the residents of Del Norte County and his own fellow supervisors? Why is Supervisor Finigan erecting barriers along the road to the state of Jefferson?

At last week's Board of Supervisors meeting, while still chairman, Supervisor Mike Sullivan scheduled a special Board meeting for Feb. 4 to discuss with state of Jefferson leader Mark Baird and others the pros and cons for separation. Baird, a 747 pilot on a tight schedule to the Orient, made time to appear on the 4th. Then Finigan took over the chairmanship and when the Jefferson supporters had left the Board room, he canceled the special meeting because he couldn't make it and instructed the clerk to schedule a new meeting date. Mark Baird and the rest of the SOJ organizers are unable to attend the new date of Feb. 27.

More than 1,000 county residents have signed petitions urging their supervisors to support the declaration. In a Triplicate website survey, 946 (81 percent) respondents have voted "yes" to the question, "Should the Board of Supervisors support the effort to withdraw Del Norte County from California and place it in the proposed new state of Jefferson?"

Supervisors Roger Gitlin, Gerry Hemmingsen and Michael Sullivan have voiced interest in the declaration. This is the majority required to adopt the declaration, but these supervisors would like additional discussion and questions and answers and will be attending the state of Jefferson town hall meeting for that purpose, 6 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 4, in the Floral Room at the fairgrounds. Supervisor Finigan has other plans but could e-mail his questions and then watch the entire session on YouTube the following day.

At this week's Board meeting, Finigan refused Supervisor Gitlin's request to place the declaration on the agenda for Feb. 11. Finigan refused, even though the Del Norte County Administrative Manual mandates that, "Any member of the Board may place any item on the agenda for action after first consulting with the chairperson of the Board." Not needing approval, just consultation.

I am calling on Supervisor Finigan to respect the voice of the people and the rules and the will of his own Board and schedule an up-or-down vote at the following regular Board session Feb. 11. Let's not shove this important matter down the line to an expensive time-consuming November ballot.

Don Spiering,Crescent City

Welfare mentality used to defend California

We would benefit more from the state of Jefferson. This letter is in response to Jackie Cochran's Jan. 25 letter, "We benefit more from Calif., than we contribute."

I am a staunch supporter for the creation of the state of Jefferson. I grew up here, I was educated here, and after six years in the infantry and a few deployments, I returned here.

I am not surprised that some members of the Board of Supervisors do not want to jump on the bandwagon. There are always a couple of people with "weak knees" in every bunch.

California is a sinking ship full of the holes of fiscal failure, financial waste and bureaucratic oppression. This ship is sinking to be the worst state in every statistic out of all the states in the union.

It is time to get into the lifeboat, Del Norte, and create the state of Jefferson.

Jackie wrote, "We are a poor county" and that we benefit from social services. This is a welfare mentality.

Yes, we are a poor county and we do benefit from social services because California does not allow us to prosper and create jobs. A more favorable tax climate for businesses with less bureaucratic red tape would cause hundreds of businesses to move up the road out of California and into the state of Jefferson.

I'm sure we could give Texas a good run for its money welcoming businesses who are looking to escape California.

Imagine Del Norte being able to access and manage its minerals, forests, and fishing in a responsible and sustainable manner that would create hundreds of jobs and preserve our way of life. Imagine living in a place where education costs less than California and produces better results. Imagine living in Del Norte and our kids not having to move away to find a job after high school. Imagine Del Norte having a political voice that is not muted by the voters of San Francisco or LA, and being able to pass laws that make sense for us.

To support the state of Jefferson is to tell California that we are an intelligent, hard-working people who can support ourselves and govern ourselves. Please stand with the state of Jefferson and stand for the desire for a prosperous tomorrow.

Remember that people with "weak knees" end up on their knees.

Matthew Bier,Crescent City

Kudos to woman who stood up to thieves

We need more people like the woman I consider our "community grandma," the 72-year-old lady who stood up to the thieves who broke into her house on Lake Earl ("Burglars flee from armed woman," Jan. 9). Kudos to her! They crossed the wrong "grandma."

Maybe next time they will think twice about breaking into someone's house. The next people may not think twice about pulling the trigger.

Thank you, "grandma," you made my day!

Tony Jacomella,Crescent City

What an example set byschool administrators

Two Del Norte school administrators admitted on the witness stand the reasons they had not cooperated with the District Attorney's Office, all during the Mann trial.

Wow, what an example for the children of Del Norte County. Just my opinion.

Keven Bingham,Crescent City

Who foots the bill for Critical Access?

The price of ambulance transportation can be unbelievably expensive. I know from personal experience. Air transportation can cost a small fortune.

Suppose a patient has to be transported because a hospital would otherwise be over the Critical Access limit; would the invoice to Medicare or another insurer candidly state that the transportation was undertaken to maintain the Critical Access status of the hospital so it could get more money from Medicare?

The alternatives to this would seem to be to make the unfortunate patient pay (which could likely be the case in many cases) or state another reason for the transportation.

In any case, someone would be paying big money for no other reason than to keep Critical Access in force.

Dale Watson,Crescent City

Military action should be the very last option

I greatly appreciated President Obama's emphasis ondiplomacyin the 2014 State of the Union report. I agree with him that military action (carnage is its product!) must be thevery lastoption for solving world problems.

Unfortunately, legislators, wanting to keep Pentagon projects in their districts, applauded the President's military references but not his words favoring diplomacy!

I hope my congressman, Jared Huffman, will exceed President Obama's steps away from comic book militarism. He can do this by voting to repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force Act. That law authorizes any U.S. president to commitcarnage,assassinations-by-drone and surveillance of U. S. citizens!

Eunice Noack,Eureka