Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Thanks to police officer who made week better

The other night at about 9 p.m., I went to McDonald's on my bike. I ordered five burgers and five fries and on the way home my bag broke. I had five burgers and one order of fries scattered on the ground.

I laid my bike on the sidewalk and I was thinking, "Now what?" I saw a pair of headlights coming toward me and it happened to be Cpl. James Wright of the Crescent City Police Department. He got out and asked if I was OK, and when I said I was, he went around to his patrol car and got out a bag. He gave it to me for my food so I could get it home.

He said my week would get better. Thank you once again, Cpl. Wright!

Tony Jacomella,Crescent City

Kudos to Healthcare District for its position

I was proud to learn that the Del Norte Healthcare District voted unanimously Jan. 28 at their board meeting that Sutter Coast Hospital should remain a locally-owned acute care hospital and if Sutter Health is determined to end this relationship they will explore all alternatives to maintain local ownership and shared goverance with our hospital.

Harold Nemetz, DDS, AMEd,Crescent City

Crescent City lucky to have a disc golf course

This year I participated in the Wild Rivers Disc Golf Club's New Year's Day Disc Golf Tournament at Beachfront Park in Crescent City. I had an awesome time! Even though I was the least experienced player, I still felt welcome, and the group even cheered a shot or two that I made.

As a Brookings resident, I would just like to say how lucky Crescent City residents are to have such a great course right in the middle of their town. The park is well maintained and the disc golf course is fun and interesting. Thank you to Crescent City and the Wild Rivers Disc Golf Club.

Shane Stephens,Brookings

Jefferson backers shouldprovide needed info

I attended the state of Jefferson meeting Feb. 4. A small, very vocal minority is pushing our elected officials to vote for a declaration supporting the withdrawal of Del Norte County from the State of California. "NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby declared that the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors requests that the California Legislature approve the county's withdrawal from the State of California to be incorporated into a new State of Jefferson andhellip;"

My concern is the pressure to have this declaration approved without benefit of fiduciary responsibility by our elected officials. I personally cannot comprehend why our Board would even consider this declaration without an independent fiscal analysis being provided by the group supporting the state of Jefferson. The onus should be on them, not on the taxpayers, to provide us with the necessary information to make an educated, informed decision on whether we think it would be to our benefit to join them in their cause - a decision based on fact and numbers, not on speculation and hyperbole.

Sue Sullivan,Crescent city

Thanks to Sullivan for his work as supervisor

As a constituent of District Three and a good friend of Mike Sullivan, I wish to add my voice to the many who gratefully thank him for the hard work and wonderful representation we've enjoyed while he served as our county supervisor the last two years. We Del Norte County residents are blessed with many good people who step up to the plate and serve our community well, as Mike has done.

Dan Harrison,Crescent City

Critical Access would be bad for economy

On the occasions that I or my family have had need of services at Sutter Coast Hospital we have received very courteous and efficient care. Therefore, I am very disappointed that Sutter Coast desires to downsize our hospital to a Critical Access hospital rather than an acute care facility. If all 25 beds were full, patients would have to travel 85 miles for care. This would not only be a hardship on patients and family but is economically detrimental to our community.

As a non-profit, Sutter Coast pays no taxes and their claim it is not profitable is questionable. Why not support this claim with numbers? Since other hospitals that serve rural areas are interested in our area, it would seem feasible to make such a transfer. If Alameda County successfully challenged Sutter Coast, why can't we?

Beverly Westbrook,Smith River

Council members help child abuse prevention

I would like to take the time to commend City Council members Kathryn Murray, Kelly Schellong and Mayor Rick Holley for publicly showing their support of the Del Norte Child Abuse Prevention Council's efforts to bring awareness across the county to the unfortunate issues of neglect and abuse. These three members voted in support of purchasing one Children's Memorial Flag to be flown at City Hall for the month of April for Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The CAPC is working diligently to further the awareness of child abuse in our community while honoring each child lost to abuse or neglect. In an effort to expand community awareness, we are spreading the visibility of Child Abuse Prevention Month by raising Children's Memorial Flags throughout the entire county.

The Children's Memorial Flag brings the issue of child abuse and neglect to light for thousands of people. The CAPC flag is simple - a red flag depicting blue paper doll-like figures of children holding hands. In the center, the white chalk outline of a missing child symbolizes the thousands of children lost to violence.

I was disappointed to hear the request for a Children's Memorial Flag be compared by some City Council members to possible requests for a Farmer's Market Flag purchase. If our City Council members cannot see, and indeed, feel the difference between these two requests for support, I would hope they would take the time to attend the Candlelight Vigil and Flag Raising on April 1 at 6 p.m. at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds and become more acquainted with their local Child Abuse Prevention Council.

Additionally, we welcome any interested parties to the CAPC meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, from noon to 1 p.m. at the Family Resource Center. Again, thank you to the City Council members supporting our prevention and awareness efforts. You are joining many community groups, businesses, non-profits, and our Board of Supervisors in your support. I look forward to seeing all of the Children's Memorial Flags flying throughout the month of April. Respectfully, Amira Long

Amira Long,Crescent City

No better choice than Howard for supervisor

I just read in the paper that Chris Howard has chosen to run for county supervisor in District Three. There could not be a better choice. Chris has worked with me to move our county forward. He has been a longtime advocate for our county, as a board member of the Crescent City-Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce as well as representative to the Council of Economic Advisers and as a county planning commissioner. He will make a great supervisor who can and will advocate for us.

Lisa McKeown,Crescent City