Someone on TV was saying the other day that even if it rained every day from now to the first of May, we still would not be able to "catch up" to our normal amount of rainfall for the year.

I hope that person was wrong. While it may be making things wet and sloppy, and soaking us as we run from house to car to work and back, it is bringing much-needed moisture. It continually amazes me to see plants that looked absolutely hopelessly lost spring back after a night of rain.

I haven't been past the Smith since it started, but I'm sure it's filling back up. Besides all of us, there are a lot of critters out there who need it, too. And I don't mind sharing it with those little masked bandits - as long as they don't try to set up housekeeping under my house again this spring, or steal my apples in the fall.

My daughter put up some stuff last spring that barred them from under the house, so I'm hoping it's still holding. I have to admit, though, that those babies are awfully cute.

andbull; "Dress a Girl" is a new project to me, but it sounds like a pretty neat one.

With the other ladies from my church, I've helped to stuff Vickey's dolls for sick kids, crocheted hats for local veterans, and crocheted sweaters for kids through World Vision. This one takes place today from 10andndash;2 at the Living Waters Foursquare Church in Brookings, 1136 Fifield St.

If you like to sew, organizers suggest you bring a sack lunch, your sewing machine and any elastic or ribbons you have.Plan on a day of making clothing for girls, "with a goal of reversing the cycle of poverty and violence against women."

For more information,, or call541-469-9850.

andbull; The World Day of Prayer is coming up. Our local Catholic, Methodist, and Episcopal churches have begun organizing for the event, which will take place Feb. 28.

There will be a planning session Feb. 21 at 5:15 p.m. at St. Paul's Episcopal church. All interested women or women's groups are invited.

andbull; Our churches accomplish a lot of good things - but I especially like to see them joining together to do things.

Our Seventh-day Adventist Church has been helping people with depression with a return seminar series - now it will help to work on losing weight. The "Full Plate Diet" Class will come back as well. The community is invited to participate in this class, which will take place in the church all-purpose room weekly on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. for eight weeks.

It will begin March 11 and will cost $40, which will cover the book, workbook, daily diary and CD with personal weekly information. Preregistration is requested at 464-2738.

It may sound strange to think you would need to eat more to lose weight, but in some instances that's true. If you eat too little, your body goes into "starvation mode" and will store as fat what little you do eat.

As a person who has always had to battle weight, I learned that the hard way. Several years ago, I had decided to lose by cutting to one meal a day. The result? I gained weight! And those were small meals.

andbull; Things continue shaping up for the new ladies group. This one sounds like it's going to be one in which to have a lot of fun as well as exercise our faith. Again, as soon as I have full particulars, you'll see them here. Organizers are collecting suggestions and opinions from interested people.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or e-mail