Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Clarke Moore taking both sides of issue

Will the real Clarke Moore please stand up?

I was intrigued by an ad in the Feb 6 Triplicate submitted by the Del Norte County Healthcare District in which it is stated that the board voted unanimously in its Jan. 28 meeting that Sutter Coast Hospital should remain a locally owned acute care hospital.

It further stated that if Sutter Health is determined to end this relationship with our community the district will explore all alternatives to maintain local ownership and governance of our hospital.

Those words are the expression of solidarity and determination which should make our community proud of the dedication of our elected representatives. Conversely the Board of Supervisors couldn't get it together for a position. Shame.

The ad also appears to raise a perplexing dilemma for Board member Clarke Moore, who is on record as a member of the Sutter Strategic Options Study's Steering Committee in publicly supporting the position of Sutter Health in its announcement that it is filing for critical care status and regionalization.

In a Jan. 2 Coastal Voices column in the Triplicate, "Time to face reality, work with Sutter Health," Mr. Moore stated he is in agreement with the Camden Study's conclusions and cajoles the public to join him and Sutter Health as they move forward.

Maybe it is I who do not understand the fine shades of the verbiage of the Camden Study while Mr. Moore in his lifetime of health care has a keener insight to same. Nonetheless, his stated agreement with the findings of the study vis a vis his implied acquiescence (unanimous agreement) to the Healthcare District's opposing position is a seeming contradiction. While I would not say that Clarke Moore speaks out of both sides of his mouth, it does appear that he votes with both hands.

And lest it seems that this writer has singled Mr. Moore out for criticism I have to laud his apparent sense of conviction in sharing with the community his perception of reality. That conviction, however, seems to have turned to salt in his veins as he does a second thought turnaround.

Dale L. Bohling,Crescent City

Thank you, Dr. Duncan, for supporting people

In response to Dr. Gregory Duncan's "Coastal Voices" article of Jan. 21, I would like to say thank you, Dr. Duncan, for your continued efforts on behalf of the people of this community to save our locally owned hospital from the greed of "big business" at the expense of the little guy who cannot afford the high-powered battery of lawyers Sutter employs.

It is breathtaking to read that the Sutter Health CEO makes $6,393,883 a year (Sutter Health 2012 IRS tax form 990)! It is obscene! More than $27,600,000 was paid to 10 executives in one year (same source as noted)!

It was startling to learn that our hospital charges are considerably higher than the average for other hospital in the state. Good grief! It is no wonder that they want to take ownership of our hospital.

These high-powered lawyers are well-versed in how to get as much free money as possible from the federal government, to be sure. Why do they think we "little country bumpkins" are not going to fight this hostile takeover of our hospital? Are we going to allow it? I pray not!

I pray this community will get behind Dr. Greg Duncan, Dr. Kevin Caldwell, the Board of Supervisors, the Health District, etc., and fight to keep ownership of our hospital and our ability to contract with another group of our choosing, who is more attuned to our needs out here in the sticks!

Lilyan Wood,Crescent City