Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Valued pelican statue stolen from driveway

For 25 years a concrete statue of a pelican stood in my driveway in front of my garage. It was a gift from my late husband and had great sentimental value to me.

I just want the person or persons who stole it to know that I forgive them as I am sure they must have really loved it if they were willing to break one of God's 10 commandments, "Thou shalt not steal," in order to obtain it.

I hope they feel the same pride of ownership that I felt when they look at their new yard ornament.

I would be eternally grateful if my pelican miraculously returned to its rightful spot in front of my garage.

Thank you.

Carol S. Blount,Smith River

Keep fighting Goliath to protect our hospital

With the rain forcing me indoors, I decided to do some of my own research on the issue of Sutter Health taking over our hospital. I now have about 2 inches of articles about Sutter Health all off of different internet sites - many from Sutter Health's site. Here's some of what I've found.

The concept and designation of a "Critical Access Hospital" was outlined in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. It was recognized that small hospitals in isolated areasand health clinics that were previously operated as hospitals that were financially forced to shut down still provided an essential and needed function. So a program was created to give these small under-25-bed facilitiesadditional government payments to help them continue operating. It was never intended as a way a large hospital could "shrink" itself and cut down its level of care just so it could have a bottom line of more income!

Sutter Health operates over 20 hospitals in Northern California. Its income swelled from $634 million in 2011 to $735 million in 2012. It is looking at Sutter Coast in Del Norte as merely one of its profit centers.

If you own multiple car dealerships and chose to downsize or close one that isn't making you money, I say fine - it's just a business decision. But when you do this with a medical facility affecting thousands of lives just to increase your bottom line, it sinks well below being classified as merely heartless and disgusting.

We are David fighting Goliath for our health-care lives. They have

endless money to fight us. We don't. So do what you can by letting everyoneknow about your concerns

about Sutter health. This fight is being led by some of our most caring and qualified doctors. Help them and yourselves out by contacting all your political representatives, local, state and federal, and let them know of your concerns.

And if any of you personally know or have contact with any of the hospital's hand-picked Board members, ask them why they don't have the nerve to come forth and explain their position to all of us.

Keep fighting. Don't let them take our hospital.

Jay Chernak,Cresent City