Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Problem with ditching tsunami sirens in favor of cell phones

This is regarding the Feb. 18 article, "Counties weigh siren cost."

My question is, who would pay for the cost of furnishing cell phones and the monthly costs associated with them for every household in Del Norte County that doesn't have a cell phone?

I cannot afford one and I'm quite sure there are many other seniors, especially, who don't have a cell phone and perhaps don't want one.

Laurel Marquart,Crescent City

Congratulations to college; its faculty, staff do wonderful job

Congratulations to College of the Redwoods for the clean bill of health ("College accreditation probation lifted," Feb. 11) from the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges!

Crescent City and Del Norte County should be proud of their local branch of a great community college. You have top-notch faculty in Crescent City who are doing a fabulous job of providing a wonderful education to your students, regardless of where they are coming from.

And you are fortunate to have a superb college staff that does whatever is necessary to pave the way to make this wonderful education possible.

Buy these people a cup of coffee! Buy them a beer! They sure add value to Del Norte and they are ensuring your - our - future!

Dave Throgmorton,Rawlins, Wyo.

Health of community, not profits should be hospital goal

I am opposed to the prospect of having our Sutter Health hospital in Crescent City reduced to an urgent care facility. If this action by Sutter Health is allowed to happen as planned, the effects will be dramatic to the community, which has become dependent on the care and security that the hospital presently provides.

Critical Access was funded in order to improve health care access by subsidizing tiny hospitals. By cutting beds to qualify, Sutter is using the program to reduce access to care in order to increase its payments from Medicare.

Critical Access at Sutter Coast will result in patients being airlifted to outside hospitals at the patients' expense, separated from their family, friends and local doctor and responsible for their return trip home.

Hospitals should be able to make a reasonable return on investment, however, the health of the community should be the primary goal.

Ross A. Duncan,Crescent City