Del Norte Triplicate Readers

No thought to thought experiment on marriage

In response to Bob Berkowitz's Feb. 22 Did You Know? column, "Wondering how far our 'civil rights' can be taken," Bob, I had to explain to your cat that you were just writing about a thought experiment when you conjectured about making her a domestic partner. She'll come out from under the couch now.

The problem with your thought experiment is there's no thought to it. Equating humans with animals is bigoted and offensive, and does prove the point that marriage equality is a civil rights issue.

I tried to think of a quote from the '50s of comparing black people to animals, then realized Ted Nugent calling President Obama a "sub-human mongrel" is a perfect example.

Sky Lloyd,Crescent City

Berkowitz has limited idea of civil rights

Gay rightsarecivil rights. Mr. Berkowitz is wondering in his Feb. 22 Did You Know? column "how far 'our' civil rights can be taken," and proceeds to set up straw men (or cats, as the case may be) to knock down with worn-out rhetoric.

Lesbians and gay men are apparently not included in his social contract. I take Mr. Berkowitz at his word that he was unable to imagine that "marriage could consist of anything but a union between a man and a woman." However, that is not, in fact, how all of us from earlier generations thought on the matter.

Marriage equality (and access to marriage's social benefits) did not spring like Athena from the head of Zeus, but grew out of a long history of public organizing that began in 1965. We do not all live in San Francisco, and Mr. Berkowitz might be shocked to know that we might not all agree with everything done in the name of "Gay Inc."

Radical feminists have been working for years against the convolution of gender with sex. We want to dismantle gender, a social construct, a hierarchy, rather than a binary, and one which has not served women well.

We believe that everyone, (including trans) deserves civil rights and freedom from discrimination, but we actively oppose laws allowing any individual to use sex-segregated facilities and play on any sports team, because they "feel" like a woman or a man, regardless of their actual biological sex.

Would Mr. Berkowitz be shocked to learn that radical lesbian feminists would be his allies on this issue, that we also do not want biological males on women's teams or in women's facilities and vice versa? Could he conceive of that?

Pat Gargaetas,Crescent City

Apperson has skill set needed to be sheriff

I am writing a letter to give my support for Crescent City Police Sgt. Erik Apperson for Del Norte County sheriff.

I have known Sgt. Apperson and his family for several years, worked with him at the Police Department, and have volunteered with him with our CCPD Explorer Post 10-8.

His love for this community, his dedication to his law enforcement career, and the skill set he has makes him a great choice for sheriff.

Robin Patch,Crescent City

Can't see benefit of downsizing hospital

Now that the Sutter Coast Hospital Board has voted to convert our 49-bed acute care hospital into a 25-bed Critical Access hospital, I would simply like to say that I cannot see any benefit to our community. A smaller hospital, with restrictions in bed capacity and the number of days people are allowed to stay in the hospital, cannot be good for our community.

Sutter Coast Hospital operates like a charity - it pays no taxes and it has a monopoly over hospital care in our region. Yet it holds private meetings and will not release the meeting records to the public. It seems like a charity which pays no tax should be more open in its decisions which affect our lives.

Mildred Morgan,Crescent City

Keep local control of hospital, keep its size

We are appalled at the greediness of a tax-exempt public benefit charity like Sutter Coast Hospital trying to downsize our hospital in Crescent City to Critical Access status.

Downsize would mean that some people in Crescent City, Brookings and surrounding communities will have to travel up to 300-plus miles to get care and then pay their own way home. So, no way for family and friends to visit.

This threat to our health care has already prompted dear friends to move from Crescent City for fear of poor medical access.

We need to stop this conversion of our hospital to Critical Access and retain its current size and local control.

Rawlin and Toni Radle,Crescent City

Del Norte not only countyconcerned about hospital

I would like to address the Sutter Coast Hospital (Sutter Health Corporation). Del Norte isn't the only county concerned with the fight with Sutter Coast Hospital. We in Curry County are dismayed, to say the least, of all the underhandedness of Sutter Health, which has been generally dishonest in its dealings with our community.

We in Curry County have shown that we do not like nor want new taxes. When a proposal was put on our ballot to vote for a bond to finance the repairs/expansion of the Gold Beach hospital, it was approved by voters. I think the shenanigans of Sutter Coast helped in passing this tax increase. People in Curry County were scared of having a Critical Access unit in Crescent City instead of a full-service hospital.

There are legal ways to fight Sutter Coast Hospital. But in all legal matters, it's the huge cost of legal finances. Sutter Health has the ultimate advantage.

Andrew T. Ragan,Brookings