Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Publicize requirements of Critical Access

Now that Sutter Coast Hospital has proposed converting to a Critical Access facility, I understand there are rules and regulations it has to follow. I feel these requirements should be publicized so I know what to expect or not expect should I become an inpatient.

I think it would behoove this hospital's administration to give this community that information. We have that right to know how it will affect the care we get and our billing.

Rita Moore,Crescent City

Premium channel is more than worth it

Has anyone noticed Russia Today and Al Jazeera television stations come (without requesting) in the packages?

If you want the verifiable truth, you not only have to request it, but pay an additional fee.

The Blaze TV is more than worth it!

Carole Johann,Crescent City

Jefferson proponents show ridiculousness

This is in response to Russ Burnette's March 4 letter, "Questions about Finigan's position." Geez, the state of Jefferson people had their opportunity to shine at the Feb. 27 meeting in front of the Board of Supervisors, and indeed did shine. They showed just how ridiculous they are.

They want our supervisors to sign away Del Norte County without any information of fiscal responsibility. The supporters refuse to do their homework, which involves adding up the counties' proposed budgets for this year and figuring out how much California contributes verses the federal funds verses local amounts accrued.

Any fifth-grader could have done this but Mark Baird, head speaker for state of Jefferson, simply refuses. Mr. Baird expects we the taxpayers to pay for a fiscal analysis, just like he expected we the taxpayers to pay for the advisory vote.

Not everyone is wanting to jump out of the state of California and into a hot mess. I for one live in Supervisor Finigan's district and I personally think he is doing an outstanding job by seeing to it that Del Norte doesn't make fools of themselves. Equally I admire the quick wit, knowledge, and integrity of Supervisor Martha McClure.

Remember, folks, this is an election year. All the wolves come out in sheep's clothing yelling "rah rah" and acting to be a supporter of Jefferson, when in fact they just need your votes to get elected.

In closing, as I have said before, state of Jefferson show me the money, change my mind but as of this date you can't, you won't and you have not.

Linda Sutter,Crescent City