Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Ideology, not money, reason to leave Calif.

The debate over whether Del Norte County should join in the attempt to form a new state and leave California has merit on both sides of the issue. The overwhelming reason not to leave, of course, is financial.

As our county gets more financially from the state than it gives, it would outwardly appear that we are better off if we remain within the ever-confining embrace of Sacramento.

However, there are other factors which merit consideration. More and more, the idealistic division between those who live in big cities to the south and we people of the north, tied much more to the land and its resources, becomes more acute. Yet, we have become more and more powerless to prevent their ideals from becoming ours, as the power of the ballot overwhelms us as their numbers are so much greater than ours. Therefore, our way of life, our beliefs and preferences, are further buried over time.

Sacramento can impose new fees, taxes and regulations upon us on a whim, to build bloated bureaucracies which we do not support, and we are powerless to prevent this. The masses use the ballot measure and vote emotionally either to impose restrictions or dictate policy, instead of going through the legislative process where at least our dissent and logic can be heard. We are subjected to new laws and rules which none of us believe in, but they are imposed upon us by a far more liberal society with which we have no connection.

We cannot clean out a ditch without a myriad of costly permits. We cannot afford to harvest timber on a small scale because of the high cost of state regulation. Land for parks is bought here by the state because it is cheaper, but at an economic cost to us. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Until now. We can proclaim our preference to be free of the encumbrances of Sacramento and the liberal society which controls it. It will likely cost us financially. But will the economic cost be worth the opportunity to have greater control over our government and ultimately, our personal lives? That is what we need to decide. California is a sinking ship, sinking from huge financial and regulatory debt, and going in the wrong direction. Perhaps it's time to grab a lifeboat and set our own course.

Frank Galea,Crescent City