From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, March 1958.

The future of the Klamath River's three-man Coast Guard rescue boat crew was shaded with doubt this week as Klamath Chamber of Commerce President Pat Caldwell told members of the local chamber that for budget reasons Rear Admiral Wood had expressed the opinion that this service not be continued.

This past summer, after years of work on the part of Del Norte civic, business and sporting organizations, a rescue boat was posted on the Klamath during the summer months for the protection of fishermen. Not one life was lost, whereas in the past deaths were recorded almost every year among fishermen fishing on the river.

Corps to buy lumber

At least 80 percent of the lumber used by the Army Corp of Engineers in construction projects this year will be purchased from domestic sawmills, Congressman Hubert B. Scudder informed the Triplicate by telegram today.

Scudder said the Defense Department has decided to purchase at least 80 percent of the needed lumber from domestic sources in view of the distressed area status of the Pacific Coast lumber region.

Bids for the first purchase of 32 million board feet will be open a week or 10 days, he said

With the percentage guarantee, at least 24 million board feet will be purchased from domestic mills. This should help bolster the economy in the lumber areas of the United States and in the first district, Scudder said.

Flood rumors in Klamath

Rumors that a dam had broken and that a 6-foot wall of water was rushing down the Klamath River spread like a prairie fire through a section of Klamath yesterday and had several frightened families preparing for immediate evacuation, William Parker, County Civil Defense Director, reported today.

The rumors are completely unfounded, he said.

Triplicate editorial

Firemen on the job: Crescent City's Volunteer Fire Department, which with the help of the Crescent Fire Protection District, and the Klamath and Yurok departments, did an outstanding job during Sunday morning's disastrous fire at the Crescent Bay Hotel, will now turn to more pleasant activities this Sunday at noon when it will hold an open house in the new Crescent City Fire Hall.

Fire Chief Bill Marshall and the firemen, city officials and other dignitaries will be on hand to greet the public and to show off the new building.

The firemen, who have never been over-equipped, have a good record. The manner in which they worked Sunday on the fire seems to us to indicate that they have a "crack outfit." They have a right to be proud of their new building, which is a fine modern building designed to make the Crescent City Fire Department's job function more smoothly and to give them an efficient plant from which to operate.

Crescent City should be proud of its firemen and, we hope, show their pride and interest by accepting the firemen's hospitality at the open house on Sunday

Squeeze forces shutdown

Four Del Norte County plywood plants will close their doors tomorrow night for at least a week because the "low price of plywood makes it difficult to operate and losing money on every order is ridiculous," a spokesman for the mills announced today. Over 500 men will be affected by the layoff.

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