Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Appalling lack of remorse, responsibility in Mann case

It was very frustrating and sad to learn that Coulter Mann refused to take responsibility for his inappropriate actions in taking a life of an innocent man. Coulter made the choice to drink alcohol and drive his vehicle under the influence, putting himself and others in danger.

The excuse he used in his defense is equally appalling. The people of Del Norte County should be outraged at the stupidity of Mann and his legal team, of which one member is his father, presenting to the jury such inaccurate and laughable fallacies.

Equally disturbing is the pointed testimony of various employees of the Del Norte County Unified School District, including the superintendent. It is OK to be friends with someone but not support such behavior.

I can't imagine an educated and responsible person not taking the keys of a "friend" and colleague who had as much to drink as Coulter at the party. This is even true when the offended party is not agreeable. It is better to have one intoxicated person mad than an innocent person dead.

Educators attempt to teach children responsibility, especially in setting a good example. This includes taking responsibility for your actions and not making excuses. I ask this question: Are Mr. Mann, who was an assistant principal, and others taking responsibility for their actions? I think not.

Coulter would have been better off admitting his proven guilt and apologizing for his criminal behavior and serving the given time. Instead he has chosen the low road to try and see if he can pull a fast one over the citizens of Del Norte County, inflicting an incredible amount of pain on an innocent family while doing so.

Apologize Mr. Mann. Apologize. Be an example to the children.

Terry Vance,

Crescent City

Mann case worsens county's lack of faith in justice system

Does the Mann sentencing set the stage for the next drunk driver who takes the life of another person?

The DA drops one of the charges before trial starts, and the judge drops part of another charge that the jury convicts him on! How does this kind of thing happen?

Sentenced to three years and will probably get out in 18 months is not nearly enough time for killing Mr. Jones.

People of Del Norte County have little faith in the system here. It has always been about the good ol' boys and the people you know. A person could get away with just about anything in Del Norte County, "depending on who you are."

Bill Scott,


Mail theft in neighborhood forced us to rent a box

This is a warning to everyone who uses an unlockable mailbox along the street in the old Filkins Tract neighborhood up the hill behind Home Depot. Someone is robbing mail boxes in that area.

After the thieves read our mail and steal what they want, they toss the rest in the gutter, and we blame the Postal Service for losing it.

There might be more than one person involved. We've found quite a bit of opened mail blowing down the street or drenched in the rain in various places around the neighborhood.

What they're hoping to find is anyone's guess. Information to use for stealing your identity? A check they can alter and cash? Whatever they're after, we don't want to make it easy for them, so we've rented a box at the Post Office and no longer use our street box.

It's a bummer that the convenience of sending and receiving mail by walking a few steps out our front door has been stolen from us, but such is the world we live in. The thieves don't care about inconveniencing us. They only care about themselves.

But in the long run, everyone gets what they deserve, and so will they. Stealing mail is a criminal offense. Please notify the police or Sheriff's Office if you witness suspicious behavior.

Evelyn Cook,

Crescent City

Things we can do to curb blight and littering in county

It is sad to see such a beautiful county with so much trash lying around. Please stop littering. Stop throwing trash out the car window, dropping it as you walk, or dumping it in empty lots.

But if it is dumped in your area, clean it up! Please! How can you walk outside every day and ignore the filthy mattress and trash right across the street? People, it is much easier to pick up that single cup that someone threw out the window than to wait until you have a pile of trash blowing around the yard.

Businesses, pick up your area and keep it clean. People, pick up your yard and area around it. If the people next door can't or won't, then be a good neighbor, and do it for them.

City Council, calling the police or sheriff about illegal dumping seems to be a waste of time, and the enforcement officer must be overwhelmed. We need an affordable solution for the few who can't afford garbage pickup, so they will stop illegal dumping alongside the road.

Crescent City can be a beautiful place or it can continue to slide into a dump site that no one wants to visit.

Karen Kebrle,

Crescent City