Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Mann, DNUSD cronies setting a sorry example

Thank you Juanita Henson for taking the right and brave step in voicing publicly what has needed to be said for too long ("Mann case a great miscarriage of justice," March 18). Indeed, what kind "justice" is our court meting out when death is considered an injury?

How is it that while Mr. Mann refused to cooperate with law enforcement, he is praised for his contributions to the community? I suppose Mr. Jones contributed as much and more, and has now lost the opportunity to continue his part in this life.

Mr. Mann should, pardon the pun, man up to his actions. To Mr. Mann and his Del Norte Unified School District cronies, what a sorry example you have given the children in our community.

Diane Blackberry,Crescent City

Jefferson backer falsely portrays California

Joe Lavender's March 13 letter ("Let's investigate leaving California") falsely made reference to "andhellip; California as the state approaches bankruptcy."

At the Feb. 27 Board of Supervisors meeting, he identified himself as a financial spokesperson for the Del Norte County State of Jefferson Declaration Committee. As such, he should check the accuracy of his statements before making them.

The fact is that the state of California is in the best financial shape in over a decade. The state has budget surpluses rather than deficits. The state is not approaching bankruptcy.

The Sacramento Bee on Jan. 22 said that Governor Jerry Brown "heralded a California 'comeback' marked by budget surpluses and an improving economy."

The California budget for fiscal year 2014-15 is a balanced budget that even contributes $1.6 billion into the state's rainy day fund, pays off $11 billion of past borrowing, and adds $10 billion to schools.

The state debt from past budgetary borrowing totaled over $34 billion in 2011, and is now down to $25 billion, will be cut to $14 billion with the new budget, and is proposed to be eliminated by 2017-18.

Even California Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Allan Zaremberg said, "We applaud Governor Brown's commitments to a balanced budget, no new taxes, repayment of debt, a rainy day fund, and investments in education and infrastructure."

Eli Naffah,Crescent City

In defense of credibility on hospital-issue claims

In his March 8 letter, "Dr. Rehwaldt lacks credibility on hospital," Ralph Hirt alleges that I made an attack on Dr. Greg Duncan in my Feb. 20 Coastal Voices piece, "Asante Health would not be a good fit for the North Coast."

I brought up Dr. Duncan's "on call" record with the hospital, and Mr. Hirt asked "how many weekends in the past year has Dr. Rehwaldt been on call" and went on to allege a lack of credibility on my part because of a $300,000 grant between Sutter Coast and Open Door Health, the parent non-profit organization for the Del Norte Community Health Center.

The grant in question is an agreement finalized last spring to assist in the recruitment of a psychiatrist, hopefully to live and work here in Del Norte County. About $100,000 was transferred to Open Door for this, and the remainder to be spent to offset further salary costs for this future psychiatrist.

Anyone who knows about psychiatric care in our community will agree that if Open Door is able to recruit the first full-time psychiatrist residing in Del Norte County, it will be a huge benefit for all. I was not aware of the grant, as the agreement was made way above my pay grade.

I'm actually kind of glad that Mr. Hirt brought this up, as this story is a good example of useful collaboration between health-care organizations within our community.

As far as the on-call issue goes, it is true that I have not participated for a number of years, although before I stopped I was quite active "on call" for the hospital. The difference is that my particular set of physician skills is duplicated by the hospitalists at Sutter Coast, and I can safely turn over ER calls to them, as has been done by every other internist and family physician in town.

For surgeons, this is not usually the case. For many years Dr. Duncan was the sole orthopedic surgeon residing in this county, and his skills were unique at the time. I chose him for my article as his part in this dispute has made him a recognized public figure.

If, in doing so, I have appeared to criticize his lack of participation, then so be it.Everything I said is accurate, and his decision has unquestionably had negative consequences for this community.

Warren Rehwaldt,Crescent City

Two on Tap a bright ray of hope amid negativity

Amidst all the negative going on around us, there was a glimmer of joy and happiness at the DNACA performance by Two on Tap.

Ron and Melissa are outstanding performers, tap dancers and singers and were extremely engaging. Thank you DNACA for bringing them here and I look forward to future performances.

You may now return to your tears, moaning, sarcasm and negativity.

Ernie Reyes,Crescent City

Evaluating withdrawal from state is a process

Klamath resident Richard Wendt ("Tea Party should bear expense of referendum," March 13) seems to be a little confused about the state of Jefferson movement and about how our democratic republic operates. Richard, the folks endeavoring to take us out of the failing state of California and into the fresh opportunity of a new state of Jefferson are an independent assortment of north counties' residents just like you and me.

We are small business owners, employees, parents, students and neighbors from all walks of life looking for a better quality of life. We see no possibility that California can recover from its headlong plunge into bankruptcy, a suicidal process in which we had no say. The state of Jefferson movement has no ties to the Tea Party or to any other organization or political party.

Mr. Wendt suggested that the SOJ process is "snake oil, smoke and mirrors fantasy" because all details are not immediately at hand. Again, this is a process. This is one of many preliminary steps in moving forward, encountering questions and seeking answers.

Definitive financial models won't emerge until the SOJ county count expands to its final configuration. It will be then that the borders will be established and hard numbers (population, income, production, consumption, surpluses or deficits, etc.) will be available. This is not, as you claim, based on "trust." This is based on scientific and mathematical facts yet to be collected, organized, analyzed and acted upon. Answers will manifest themselves as additional information is gathered during the process.

Finally, Richard, you call upon the proponents of the state of Jefferson to "bear the expense" of placing the issue on the ballot. We have already paid for it, Richard. We are American taxpayers living and working in Del Norte County. We have paid millions of dollars in taxes. We have paid for our part of the salaries of the county supervisors who placed the SOJ on the ballot. We have paid for our part of the printing of the ballot and for the salaries of the county employees who will prepare and conduct the elections. We have paid our dues many times over, far exceeding the $4,000 ballot price tag.

Chuck Tweed,Crescent City