Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Let's accentuate the positive of our town

I'm a newcomer to Crescent City of only 12 years, and I must wholeheartedly agree with fellow transplant Lihi Halperin ("Look to future, not a catastrophic past," Coastal Voices, March 29) that to rename Front Street "Tsunami Way" was the dumbest idea I have heard of in many years.

Yes the tsunami was devastating and yes it put our town on the map of having the distinction of being the only town in the lower 48 states that's prone to these giant waves, but hey, nowhere can you find perfection.

The East Coast has snow and blizzards, the Midwest has tornados, the gulf has hurricanes and we have earthquakes. Some of us even have the occasional tidal wave, so lets prepare, learn and move on.

Can't the people who run the business of promoting our town focus on the good, the positive and the beautiful?

This is the only place I know of that has so many monolithic old growth redwood forests that are as close to town and easy to access as the miles of unspoiled unlittered pristine beaches.

True, our stretch of Highway 101 is ugly and we don't have an interesting downtown/old town, but that is all possible to make better with better planning.

We were given stunning natural areas that most coastal towns could only wish they had. What is next for our planners is to match that beauty to our man-made areas with amusements and entertainments to delight visitors and residents alike, and create jobs for our young people.

So let's not print all the bad news on our front page anymore, let's print the beautiful fun and interesting news that makes life worth living, If people want bad news they should have to turn to the very back of the newspaper and get out their magnifying glasses to read it.

Let's accentuate the positive, not the negative. Perhaps we could even rename our whole town "Paragon Bay" (the name it had before it was Crescent City). I think the definition of paragon is a fitting name, because the natural wild beauty of this place is truly beyond compare.

Velma Rinehart,Crescent City

Something stinksat Waste Authority

After reading about "Brown Act spat at waste meeting," March 18, I believe the Waste Authority's compost pile is smelling bad and it is aware of it.

You see, to make good compost, you need equal amounts of greens and browns so it does not smell bad. A point that the chairman needs to learn.

The public has a right to know what game is being played. If R3 Consulting Group did not do its job right, why are we paying them? Why will Chairman Roger Gitlin not allow Tedd Ward to talk to R3? Is Elizabeth Henry right about what she said in the public comment period? Did R3 do a bad job? The people have the right to know.

Something is smelling bad. Maybe now the board will realize that its actions can smell bad. People will start asking questions if they are playing the same old football they like to play.

Richard Miles,Crescent City