Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Trigg has shown he can be a good DA

I have had the opportunity to work in law enforcement in Del Norte County for coming up on 14 years. In that time I have seen a lot going on in our courtrooms and behind the scenes of the justice system.

I have worked with Dale Trigg for about the last year and am impressed with his ethics and overall moral compass he brings with him. Although he and I have been on opposite sides in court, he has been nothing but above board and knowledgeable in his work. I've gained much respect for Mr. Trigg through my interactions with him.

I personally am voting for Mr. Trigg because I believe he will bring stability and pride back to the office of district attorney.

My opinion is mine and has not been influenced by my employer. It has been solely influenced by the things and circumstances I have witnessed first-hand. I believe he will raise the standards that are sorely suffering in this county currently up to a level that the citizens of this entire county can and will benefit from.

Bob Barber,Crescent City

Editor's note: Bob Barber works for the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office.

Keep troops out of Russia, care for vets

The best reasons for keeping the president's nose out of Russian affairs can be found in veterans' hospitals and cemeteries all over America, not to mention veterans' houses being cared for by wives to parents because of injuries received in combat.

The VA is way under-funded while our president goes on numerous vacationsand purchased a mansion in Hawaii, plus the cost of a purse his wife purchased for over $1,000. And this is only a very few of the items to his credit, but he cannot provide decent health care for those he sent into combat.

It seems Putin wants war in his own country so let Russians die and screw up their own country with huge pot holes. We have no business there with ships, aircraft or troops.

The president seems to find money for another war, but not for the care of our disabled veterans from past wars to the present Middle East, where we still have 30,000 troops at present.

Fred Cox,Crescent City

Don't blame others for Mann's bad decision

A man lost his life, his family lost their loved one and things will never be the same for them now that he is gone. The man responsible for Kenneth Jones' death is Coulter Mann.

Mr. Mann is not ignorant and must be held accountable for his actions. Why is it that others are being thrown into the bad decision that Mr. Mann made? It should not be the host of the party or its guests that get any type of blame for Mr. Mann leaving the party intoxicated.

I think it is totally ridiculous to put the blame on anyone else when Mr. Mann himself was attending an adult party where alcohol was being served and I am sure he knew the laws concerning drinking and driving. If you are not adult enough to keep yourself in check, why should others be put under scrutiny?

The sentence should remain and be paid because no matter what a good person Mr. Mann was or what a clean record he had, he was the sole reason that Mr. Jones lost his life and that should not be excused.

Kathleen Gilbert,Crescent City

Singing 'Kumbaya' and thanking Dems

Regarding Bob Berkowitz's Did You Know? column of March 22 ("Supermajority: Sing 'Kumbaya'!"), I will now sing "Kumbaya" each time I receive my social security check and my Medicare health care coverage and thank the Democratic Party for both.

Feeling secure and cared for.

Crystal Griffin,Crescent City

Homeless should got to jail when warned

First of all, the homeless need to stop urinating and defecating at businesses. Were they even potty trained?

You would think that as toddlers their parents would have taught them bathroom manners, such as not urinating in public. And another thing, when they get a 602 warning (no trespassing), they should go to jail when they violate the 602.

When they get out of jail, they should have to serve community service by picking up their and their friends' garbage.

Tony Jacomella,Crescent City

First responder: Make sure signs are visible

My job on the Fire Department is to get there first when we are called out by 911. I have to find the street and address where people need help. When I do find the street, I set up a cone with a light on top, then I have to find the address and when I find where the people live I set out another cone, with a light.

These cones show the way for medical and fire people to where they need to go. How can I do that when some of the street signs are missing, and then I have to find the house numbers? Most people have house numbers, but they are all in a different location. When it is dark how can you find these numbers?

Nobody wants to be responsible for missing street signs. No money. Home owners need to take responsibly for their house numbers. But nobody cares until they call 911.

Charles Swenson,Hiouchi