Questions about Sutter's finances still unanswered

Recently I had a procedure done at the short stay section of Sutter Coast Hospital, and it was a wonderful experience. Then I attended a meeting at the Flynn Center where nearly 90 people were there to discuss the hospital, but no answers were given to the questions asked.

There have been recent articles in the Triplicate, but again, questions about Sutter Health's real financial status and other questions have not been answered. How about a short history of our hospital? Who owns it? What has changed? Didn't we have a local person donate the property on which it was built? Wasn't that a wonderful thing?

If reduced to Critical Care, how many doctors will we have? Didn't we have a well-functioning hospital in the "black" financially? Didn't we have prisoners treated here who now go to Gold Beach? Why does the hospital Board have only closed meetings?

Monika McKinnon,

Crescent City

Evidence contradicts criticisms of California

Apparently there are a number of people in our county who vocallyexpress hate for the state they choseto live in, and embrace a proposedJefferson state seal that must have taken all of two minutes to design -a double X symbol. What does it signify?

If these efforts were ever successful, thousands would have their livelihoods upended and disrupted. The tax burdens alone would be astronomical.

If California is a sinking ship then why do Google and Facebook have such a huge presence and investments here? Why does our state have more billionaires and high tech than any state in the union?

The last time a new state was created from part of an existing state was in the horse and buggy, Civil War era. Also, the last time America saw a government symbol based on the letter X, it was the confederacy: one large X. Food for thought.

Ernie Miller,

Smith River

Gov. threatening to cut in-home care overtime

Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to put a 40-hour-a-week cap on all IHSS (In Home Supportive Services) workers, rather then budget for overtime the federal government enacted for domestic workers, including IHSS workers.

I take care of my disabled son in our home full-time. I'm asking all IHSS workers to get involved. Contact the local CUHW (California United Homecare Workers), 707-465-4034, located at 1305 Northcrest Drive. Strength is in numbers, so we must join together to stop the 40 hour-a-week cap.

Help protect the disabled and elderly from losing the quality care they are receiving in their homes. Taking care of my son is a full-time job, but if the governor's budget proposal passes I will lose our home and be forced to put my son in a state facility.

CUHW has meetings once a month. If I can find a way to make the time for a meeting, so can everyone else! Please, this effects so many!

Amy Simonette,

Smith River