Watch groups, not sheriff, responsible for crime drop

I'm Mike Marler founder of the Bertsch Tract Neighborhood Watch.

I noticed Sheriff Dean Wilson's ad taking credit for the crime rate going down since he has been in office. I just want to point out that several Neighborhood Watch groups started up since he has been in office, and I would like to give them the credit for the crime rate dropping, not Dean Wilson.

I can't speak for the other groups but I can say the Bertsch Tract Neighborhood Watch cleaned up our own neighborhood without the help of Dean Wilson. As a matter of fact he hasn't even worked with us at all, like he said he would at the last election.

Also, over the last few years I have had dozens of people tell me they don't even call the Sheriff's Office anymore because "they don't do anything."

So I say to Dean, "How did you do it?" Let's give credit where credit is due.

Mike Marler, Crescent City

Wilson's strong gun standsets him apart in election

Several people have thrown their hat into the race for Del Norte County sheriff, becoming a topic of great interest to many.

To the candidates, I ask, what is your position on the Constitution, and specifically the second amendment?

Sheriff Dean Wilson went to Sacramento and made his position abundantly clear, and in so doing gained the respect of a lot of gun owners.

Who among the candidates is willing to put their position on record? Not just stating it, but actually putting it in writing.

Do you support the second amendment? Would you be willing to support it to the level Sheriff Wilson has? What about those running for district attorney? So far all I have seen is the usual, "I am running, please vote for me."

I ask the question, why should I vote for you over Sheriff Wilson?

Don Beard, Crescent City

McElfresh has experienceneeded for judge position

I just read where Darren McElfresh has been endorsed for judge by law enforcement.

Darren has a reputation for his knowledge and skill in litigation, business and governmental law. His experience in criminal law is unequalled in our county. I agree that McElfresh is the right person for the right reasons.

Donald W. Micheletti, Crescent City