Send a message to Obama, Dems in Nov.

Let's be clear as we approach the November elections. Not a single Republican voted in favor of Obamacare in 2010. The Democrats had control over the House and the Senate the first two years of the Obama administration but it still took them two years to pass Obamacare in December 2010.

How is this even possible?A month prior, in November 2010, the House Democrats lost their majority status to the Republicans. In a last ditch effort, lame duck Democrats, in the dead of night, twisted arms and struck back room secret deals to pass the largely unpopular Obamacare just before those newly elected Republican House members could assume their new office.

Some Democrat legislators, most of them are lawyers, openly admit they didn't read or understand the Affordable Care Act before voting for it and shoving it down our throats.

The Republican-controlled House, from February 2011 to present, has voted to repeal, change or replace Obamacare dozens of times, but have been blocked by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid every time. Obama has unilaterally on his own changed, delayed or refused to enforce facets of Obamacare in the past two years more than 30 times without going through Congress.Most of the changes were originally proposed and passed by Republicans in House but were never introduced on the Senate floor for a vote.

With a super-majority, House and Senate Democrats could have passed anything but limited their efforts to a $900 billion stimulus that failed to create the promised "shovel ready" jobs, investments with green energy companies that went bankrupt and didn't create jobs but did waste hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Obama administration has misrepresented the facts in such scandals such as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, DOJ investigating journalists, the EPA imposing job-killing regulations, the Keystone XL pipeline delay, and now Obamacare. An estimated 6 million individuals had their health insurance coverage canceled late last year due to Obamacare. You think they didn't replace their canceled coverage? Of course they did. Obamacare was created to allow 30 million previously uninsured an access to "affordable" health care. It is obvious they're not signing up.

When Obama crows about 7.1 million sign-ups, it sounds like fuzzy math or a wash at best.

In November, Americans needs to tell Obama and congressional Democrats we aren't listening to their half-truths and misrepresentations any longer.

Paul Crandall,


Sheriff Maready was antagonistic, secretive

I was publisher of the Triplicate for the last four years of Jim Maready's tenure as county sheriff and for the first four years that Dean Wilson held that post.

Under Maready, the Sheriff's Office was antagonistic and secretive. Under Wilson, it was open and professional.

There is a natural tension between a community's newspaper and its law enforcement agencies, as the former is supposed to play the role of watchdog of all governmental entities, including the Sheriff's Office.

Wilson struck the perfect balance between the public's right to know and his department's responsibility to protect innocent people. Instead of being puffed up with power, he understood he was a public servant, and he played that role with integrity.

I endorse him for county sheriff.

Teresa Tsalaky,

Fulton, N.Y.

Obama lies about healthreform, climate change

It seems, to me, that most liberals have a mindset that automatically glosses over lies told by "their" people. Just a few examples to illustrate the lies and mind-set:

Not one liberal is calling out our community organizer president for repeatedly saying, "If you like your plan you can keep it." On Sept. 9, 2009, in the Free Republic, President Obama stated "there are 47 million Americans without health insurance." (Why did he ruin most Americans' health insurance plans rather than insure those without insurance?)

He lied, because Obamacare is ruining our health care system. Obama promised a $2,500 health care reduction per family. He lied. According to the eHealth Inc. Feb. 26, 2014, edition, Obamacare will cost a family of four $7,956 more than their previous policy. He lied again.

President Obama has told the truth twice that I know of; once when he said "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America," and second to the San Francisco Chronicle on Jan. 17, 2008, he said "if someone wants to build a coal plant they can - it's just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that green-house gas that's going to be emitted."

Climate change, caused by humans, is not happening. The temperature has not warmed, as was predicted, since the late 1990s, according to meteorologist Joe Bastardi (chief forecaster for Weatherbell Analytics) as reported in Breitbart News on Nov. 14, 2012.

Mr. Leonard Downie Jr. stated in on Oct. 10, 2013, "like so many other promises, this one has been broken too. This president runs a secretive operation."

There are many, more true examples but the question now is why do liberals not believe examples like these? Too brainwashed? Unable to accept the truth? You decide.

Marlowe Thompson,

Crescent City

May hospital staff be enlarged to fit our need

I suffered a heart attack Sept. 22, 2007. Seven people worked on me to unblock my heart. I technically "flat-lined" and they almost lost me three times as my veins could not be penetrated.

However, they finally got through my jugular and I was "back."

Was it critical? I dare say so. Yes, I was flown out to Medford for a stent.

Dr. Dauterman, my cardiologist, sent acommendation to Dr. Sandra Saunders for the superb job done at Sutter Coast Hospital. Yes, I was flown out (Cal-Ore. Life Flight) but our precious hospital saved my life.

I say: kudos and praise for our excellent hospital, and I say we need to pray for our hospital and staff to be enlarged to fit our great need for our community.

I have had other opportunities to receive most all the services/care as well as my husband.

And I too was wondering: how "they" managed to overlook the original plans for the move to Sutter Coast.

Thank you for your loving care! I am still here, thanks toyou!

Sylvia J. Stone,

Crescent City

Vandals reinforce materialism lesson

To the individual who decided, in a moment of true genius, to vandalize the sign in front of the Church of Christ, I would like to thank and congratulate you. You have again reinforced and solidified a very poignant scripture.

Matthew 6:19-20: "Do not store up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal."

Phil Hilger,

Crescent City