Trigg can return trust, respect to DA's Office

Dale P. Trigg is a candidate for Del Norte County district attorney. Right now he is my attorney. He has researched every legal and personal aspect pertaining to my needs and his advice has been most valuable.

Besides his work ethic, I am impressed with his heritage, his personal associations and mentors, his education and his work in courts as both a defense and prosecuting attorney. He recently returned to his former home because he had promised a client that "if his case came up, he would be there."

You might not see Dale Trigg knocking on your door. He has a full-time responsibility to his clients, and time for family and recreation.

Check his website: You will learn about this candidate and how you can support him. Look for candidate meetings and attend them. Be sure you check "" There are other Dale Triggs in this U.S.

Del Norte County deserves Dale Trigg for DA. He will return "trust, respect, dignity and efficiency" to that office which, in my opinion, has been absent for almost 25 years.

Maralou Ellis,

Smith River

Unanswered questions about sewer rate increase

We received the Notice of Public Hearing for a sewer rate increase on Saturday, April 5. I was flabbergasted.Another rate increase already? Are we to expect an annual rate increase for who knows how long? Then I got mad because it reminded me of all the unanswered questions like:

When I asked where the documentation and back-up for former public works director Barnts' statement in 2007 in front of hundreds of people from the public that the $2.5 million lab would pay for itself in 2.5 years, the city basically said, I dunno.

Last time I checked, which was last year, the lab still had not made a dime.

When I questioned the extension on the $44 million loan from 20 to 30 years with two special conditions the first being: "The City may not lower wastewater rates without Division approval," and I wanted to know under what conditions the "Division" would lower wastewater rates, the city basically said, I dunno.

When I read through a recent Council agenda asking for a study on the rates based on consumption rather than a flat rate I thought, "It's about time." We've been asking for that since 2007. It's not fair or equitable that a single person pays the same rate as a family of five. But why did the city decide to go forward with a rate increase instead of wait for the outcome of the study?

What I do know is this. I'm going to work to protest this current proposed rate increase. I'm going to work to plug the loopholes from the water rate protest. One of the biggest being that tenants who pay the water bills need to provide their account number or a copy of their bill so their protest will be counted as valid and not be disqualified.

I'm going to have an open door policy so that anyone who wants to sign a protest or wants to volunteer may come to my home.

If the city spent as much time in attracting businesses and creating jobs as they do in raising rates, we'd be a whole lot better off.

Donna Westfall,

Crescent City