Jefferson would lead to crimes against nature

The Jeffersonian secessionists won't tell anyone what their specific strategy is to manage a new state (and I could find nothing on their website that resembles a platform). But it isn't hard to figure out what they're planning.

We know that they think there is too much public land here (in spite of the fact that the parks produce the largest part of our economy: Tourism). They want to reduce government restrictions on the extraction of our natural resources (they want to return to the bad old days of over-harvesting and environmental destruction).

And something dramatic will have to happen in order to raise enough money to run the new state. They can't touch the federal land, so that leaves the state parks. By far their most valuable resources are the old-growth redwood forests.

The separatists apparently plan to allow timber companies to harvest the redwoods.Perhaps they'll sell the land outright.

I spoke to folks associated with the parks and the timber industry, and I'm told that it will be legally possible to cut down these most beautiful of all forests. They contain the tallest trees in the world. And before the timber industry cut down 96 percent of the old-growth coast redwoods, they were also the largest living things by volume.

Cutting any more would be a crime against nature. Many trees are a renewable resource, but the ancient redwood forests are definitely not. The trees average 700 years old, with some over 2,000. Even the dead ones must be left in the forest, as they become the fertilizer for the next generation.

Of course, we won't hear the secessionists admit that this is the plan until the new state is established. Until then they'll just repeat the true party platform:"Trust Me."

Alan Justice,

Crescent City

Wilson fights for us against state and federal officials

We are fortunate to have good candidates for Del Norte County sheriff. Dean Wilson works tirelessly to act for us in state and county government.

We have little representation in Del Norte County against the giants of larger jurisdictions. Our issues require action. Dean Wilson has unprecedented backing from the California Sheriffs Association. He labors to protect us all and to keep our remote community informed on all major issues. He has garnered a citizenry of support through his advanced communication skills.

We are grateful for Dean's efforts to both protect us and find innovative ways to fund the Sheriff's Office. Federal and state entities infringe on our constitutional rights. We need his continued leadership and forward thinking in the Del Norte County sheriff seat.

There are efforts afloat from state and federal lobbies to steal more of what Del Norters have (forest products, mining, water, public lands). The exclusive state fire tax on us and Sutter Coast Hospital regionalization are such issues.

Dean Wilson has been our buffer in the past and may a man with strong family values continue to do so.

Lynne Rackley,

Crescent City

Thank you, Ms. Hussey

In response to the April 5, article "Lawsuit targets Critical Access," thank you Ms. Hussey.

Leah Eidam,

Crescent City