Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Reason why more rapes reported now

I noticed in Jim Maready's ad that he refers to the numbers of rapes reported having gone up in this past 10 years. I say that more reporting of this crime is a good thing.

It used to be, in Mr. Maready's day and age, women were often afraid as they would then become victimizedagain by the system.

Questions like "What were you wearing?" "Did you lead him on?" and others made women feel as if rapes were their fault.

I'm not saying that there's still not a lot of room for improvement. I'm saying that what has changed is that the Sheriff's Office now has a detective dedicated to sex crimes and works more with agencies such as the North Coast Rape Crisis, an excellent team at DA Victim Witness and Harrington House, allowing for greater reporting than used to be 15 years ago when Mr. Maready was sheriff.

Janae Monroe,

Crescent City

Sewer rate hikes could have been avoided

Another sewer rate increase just months after increasing the water rates. What are they thinking?

The only one that ever spoke against these increases was former Councilwoman Donna Westfall, and she's the only one who continues to work for the people. They could have done a fix for half the price; instead the city disregarded the wishes of the people and encumbered them for $44 million.

I won't bother to turn my protest in to the city. I drove over to Westfall's home and signed the protest there because she doesn't play games with me.

Fred Schultz,

Crescent City

Search and Rescue team deserves funds

Volunteering is a service that many may benefit from but too few participate in. Putting yourself before others is an amazing task, but having people spend their time in training exercises and mock searches is something few people can do. Often people think Search and Rescue (SAR) is a term only used when an individual or group is missing. SAR is much more than that. Your local SAR team has the ability to perform technical rope rescues anywhere in the county, which can include a vehicle over the side of a roadway and rope rescues deep in the Siskiyou Wilderness or our state and national parks. The Sheriff's SAR Team has a top-notch swift water group that includes Public Safety Divers.

I'm concerned that search and rescue teams receive little or no credit for the effort they put into saving lives. These people are equipped from head to toe with supplies that they've paid for out of pocket.

No taxpayer money goes to these groups, only generous and rare donations. This, by far, isn't fair to these incredible people who would love to help, but can't afford to pay for the equipment. With more funding, they could have more members and equipment, expanding the chances of finding loved ones. Not only that, but they spend their time learning and practicing tactics that might one day save you. The next time you hear or read about an incident on the jetty, you know Search and Rescue was there.

Please honor search and rescue teams for their dedication, hard work and money spent. They are our everyday heroes hidden among everyday citizens. God bless them all.

Bill Wortell,

Del Norte Search and Rescue