Focusing for a change on victim Kenny Jones

During the trial, sentencing and now judge-ordered re-sentencing, everything seems to be focused on one person. The victim that was killed by the choice of Coulter Mann, to drink and drive has been lost during all of this.

Kenny Jones was born in 1946 in Klamath, growing up proud of his Yurok culture. He served in the U.S. Navy, and in 1970 met the love of his life, Barbra Reed. They were married in 1976 until she passed away in 2004. They lived a full life together and had a beautiful daughter, Kendra Feather Sadlena Jones. She was the highlight of their life.

Kenny was a proud, happy and good provider for his family. He cut wood, fished, hunted and kept his culture alive. He found time to go to college and got a BA in business. He later advanced his degree and became a drug and alcohol counselor. He was a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers. He sat on the Council at Resighini Rancheria serving as tribal secretary.

Kenny was a proud native man. He loved his family to no end. He, his wife and daughter were so close they called themselves the "Three Mouseketeers."

Kenny taught his daughter and her two sons culture, pride, morals and values. He was starting to pass down the culturual tradition of brush dancing to his grandsons. His laugh was as big as his love for life. His passion for a good poker game was well known. He wasn't known to miss many tournaments at the local casinos.

Kenny's life was cut short by a bad choice by one individual. Kenny, you are gone but will never be forgotten.

Mary Almansa,

Crescent City

McElfresh has what ittakes to be fair, impartial

Judge - liberty and justice for all is what this position is about. Should this position be about a political appointment or the good old boys system? I think not. This position is about a person that serves justice for each and every one of us along with protecting our community and each individual's rights.

We as voters sometimes overlook this vote on our ballot, but it is a cornerstone of our American freedoms. So I took the time to see who was who in our upcoming election for judge. All the candidates have a law degree and resumandeacute;. But one clearly has more experience than all the rest.

Darren McElfresh is the clear choice for judge. He has been a public defender and a prosecutor here in our local community. You can find this on his Facebook website along with all his experience in the justice system.

From the website, you can't get a full picture of Darren's true passion serving the community and his understanding of "justice for all." I discovered this by observing him in court and attending one of his public events. This is what it takes to truly be a fair and impartial judge. One that wants to protect his local community, protect each individual's rights, conduct the justice system in a fair and impartial manner without politics or outside influence.

I would encourage all readers to join in on our chance to protect our liberty and justice by voting for Darren McElfresh as judge

Thomas Beers,

Retired correctional officer, Crescent City

Drossel has established,problem-free record

Here we go again. We need to elect a new district attorney.

All responsible citizens remember the last election. We had the choice between a proven leader and a man that had things in his past. This choice was a recovering drug offender who had been placed on probation with the California bar for that and other bar violations. But we are forgiving people, and he told us that he would clean up our drug problem because he had been there. He would put them all in jail.

Where is he now? Why has an interim district attorney been filling in for him? The California bar still has not finalized his suspension. We all lost in that choice of district attorney. Let's not do that again.

I'm sure that Mr. Trigg is a nice man and may be a good attorney. What do we know about him? He has been a resident of Del Norte for approximately 14 months. He has no experience running a district attorney's office. Is he another politician promising us the world? Maybe or maybe not. Why take another chance? Vote for Bob Drossel.

I worked in the district attorney's office as an investigator from the mid-'90s and retired as chief investigator in 2005 because of medical reasons. I worked for Bob when he was interim district attorney.

During his tenure there were no problems like we have seen with the last two elected district attorneys. Bob believed in getting the job done and not doing things that put a negative light on the district attorney's office. He ran a very professional office and was a good leader. He made sure the deputy district attorneys, clerical staff and investigators did their jobs like the professionals they were.

All of you, like me, who voted for Bob Drossel the last time need to vote for him this time. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors to also vote for Bob. He is a proven professional leader that can move right into the job with no OJT (on the job training). Been there, done that, can do it again.

Won't it be nice to have our district attorney do his job without a negative light on the office?

Rich Harper,

Crescent City

Doehle's record shows she is right for judge

I am writing this letter in support of Chris Doehle as the incumbent Del Norte Superior Court judge. I have been a Del Norte community law enforcement officer for over 26 years. During this time I have worked in the Del Norte judicial system for criminal prosecutions, family law jurisdictional cases and civil cases. I have had the pleasure of appearing in the courts of all the current and past judges of Del Norte since 1987.

I believe the Honorable Judge Doehle is by far the best choice to retain this Del Norte judicial office. Judge Doehle has been a Del Norte community member since 1990. She started her law practice in Del Norte in 1991, having practiced law locally for 21 years prior to taking judicial office. Her primary practice was in family law and juvenile dependency. She has helped many members in this community in her 21 years of local practice. As a law enforcement officer, I have had associated cases involving her law practice. Chris Doehle's integrity is above question and one of her greatest assets.

When Judge Doehle was appointed to the Del Norte bench in 2012, she took the opportunity to serve this community very seriously, spending significant time preparing to take the bench. When Judge Doehle took the bench and the exceptionally heavy case load that comes with it, she moved forward in confidence and skill. I have appeared as a witness in Judge Doehle's court. Her calm, objective and knowledgeable performance has impressed me. Judge Doehle was prepared and knew each individual case as the docket progressed.

In court hearings, emotions can run high. I have seen Judge Doehle maintain control in the courtroom very well, reminiscent of past senior judges who served for many years. In particular, Judge Doehle's experience in complicated family law serves her well in presiding over divorce and custody cases. In my experience, family law and juvenile dependency are two of the most challenging types of judicial cases that our courts handle. Judge Doehle's experiences in these areas are assets to this community and the people who seek resolution to marital and custody disputes as well as their children's dependency problems.

I endorse Judge Doehle and urge you to vote to retain Chris Doehle as the incumbent judge for the Del Norte County Superior Court bench.

Gene McManus,


Double standard used to justify highway project

I learned from reading an article about the Last Chance Grade realignment study that commerce is the key factor for doing such a study, not people's safety or lives.

The same thing applies to Highway 199, as I realized I while driving it 4andndash;5 times to Medford since December. The widening in some places to permit longer trucks is for commerce, big box stores especially, and not people's safety. It will allow more dangerous driving due to the longer trucks on this highway for tourists, residents, etc., especially during rainy, snowy and icy conditions.

Where are your priorities Caltrans, and who benefits ?

Richard Wendt,