Officials dropped the ball in handling of school threat

Today, I received a phone message telling me that the Del Norte County Schools were on high alert due to a threat that was left on a certain web site. When the police stated that they would have an officer at the schools, it made me feel better to know that they were concerned and protecting our kids.

I still had an ache in the pit of my stomach, so I gave in and went to see if everything was under control. As I pulled in I followed a sheriff's vehicle down the street of my school. He did not even go through the pull-through, and I saw no police cars, no signs of concern, except from the droves of parents coming to take their kids from class. I called the Sheriff's Office to see why there was no officer on duty at our school. They told me that the police were rotating.

Every morning while taking my daughter to school, I see an officer giving tickets to those running through stop signs and speeding, which is fine. Good revenue, I suppose.

But when it comes to "protect and serve" I think they are dropping the ball. Also, this threat was found by local law enforcement the previous evening. They allowed our kids to go to school, when they had not apprehended the suspect! Our school, along with others, did not contact the parents until two hours after school started, which is coincidentally a two hours show-up-time revenue for school funding! This county is putting a price on the heads of our kids and it is almost criminal. Maybe it's time to vote in new officials.

Rhonda Phillips,Crescent City

Trigg has moral compass and abilities to be DA

For nearly 20 years I have been involved in the criminal justice system in our county. I have been treated to an insider's look into the workings of the law enforcement and prosecution agencies tasked with the apprehension of criminals and hopefully dispensing the justice they deserve. It isn't as glamorous as TV makes it; however, anyone who walks by a newspaper stand in our town or checks Facebook can tell you there has been more drama in this arena than in a season of "Law and Order."

I am voting for Dale Trigg for district attorney, and my opinion is my own, based on my own experiences and not that of my employer. My relationship with Mr. Trigg has been that of opposition, naturally since he is responsible for defending many persons I have arrested and made cases against.

While I have come to respect Mr. Trigg for his abilities - he is a competent trial attorney with extensive knowledge of case law and its application in the prosecution process - I have also observed his moral compass pointing north while still advocating for his clients in their cases.

Another thing I have observed is the obvious respect paid by people he works with and against in the court system, attorneys and law enforcement alike. I have seen his desire to lay down roots and raise a family in this community and commit, as our DA, to work at making this a safer place to live.

Ed Fleshman,Crescent City