Drossel's experience shows he's right for DA

Del Norte County has an excellent opportunity to elect Bob Drossel as our next district attorney. I have known Bob Drossel since I moved to Northern California over two years ago. We have worked on various committees together, and I fund his decision-making skills second to none. He faces the facts and uses his solid judicial background to make wise decisions; no nonsense, just solid decision-making and leadership.

Let's review his professional experience. Bob has over 20 years as a prosecutor and leader in various California communities. This includes 14 years as a supervisor, manager and district attorney, a supervisor of Narcotic Task Force, Butte County, and assistant district attorney in South Lake Tahoe. Bob has been district attorney in Del Norte County from 1999andndash;2002. Most recently Bob was special prosecutor for Del Norte County 2008andndash;2010. These qualifications, along with his community involvement, guarantee he will do an exemplary job as district attorney.

I know Bob will fight corruption and aggressively prosecute drug offenders and child molesters. He will restore trust to the Del Norte District Attorney's Office. Del Norte County will be well served by selecting Bob Drossel as district attorney. Please make your vote count and elect Bob Drossel as Del Norte District Attorney.

Dean and Quenlyn Larson,Smith River

Sheriff working parties good idea to bring back

I have something I want to ask the people who are running for sheriff. What happened to sheriff working parties?

When I first moved to Crescent City, the sheriff then had low-level inmates working outside. They kept the grounds around the Sheriff's Office spotless. They kept our cemetery looking nice. When needed, they would aid the county's park department.

Now these inmates sit all day watching television. When I have asked about this in the past, I have been told the reasons are the lack of staff - "jail officers" - to oversee inmates if they were taken outside.

I remember when Sheriff Hopper, who had less staff than Sheriff Wilson has today, made something work.

We should be using low-level inmates in the community. They could be earning good time credits and aiding in making Del Norte County looking better.

Richard Miles,Crescent City

McElfresh backed by local law enforcement

I am voting for Darren McElfresh for Del Norte Superior Court Judge for one reason - I think he will work best with local law enforcement. Local law enforcement is backing McElfresh, who has the most experience when it comes to criminal cases. He has worked locally as both a prosecutor and as a public defender.

Darren McElfresh has the best qualifications to be judge. He has my vote. I urge you to join me in electing him in June.

Don Hartley,Crescent City

Setting facts straighton Maready's record

In response to Janae Monroe's letter, ("Reason why more rapes reported now," April 22), Ms. Monroe needs to get her facts straight.

First of all, it was then-Sheriff Jim Maready and George Mina who obtained the grant for the additional detective (dedicated to sex crimes), and it was Commander Mina under the direction of Jim Maready who pulled all the other agencies (Rape Crisis, Victim Witness, Child Protective Services, Sutter Coast Hospital S.A.R.T. nurse and several others) together to form the Sexual Assault Response Team known as SART.

And as far as the interview techniques used during Mr. Maready's time in office, it was mandatory that all sexual assault detectives attend training in sexual assault interview techniques, which is under the guidance of POST (Peace Officer Standard of Training). Mr. Maready made sure all his deputies attended updated training classes, including sensitivity training when available.

Mr. Maready, keeping with the confidentiality of the victims, wanted to be briefed on each case and wanted to know the status of the suspect or suspects. Mr. Maready took a personal interest in the date a crime was reported and the date the case was investigated. All cold cases had to be reviewed periodically and a follow-up report be placed in the case file.

Mr. Maready had all the convicted sexual offender files brought up to date and required that the offenders' home addresses be kept current at all times.

Gerald Harwood,Crescent City

Good riddance to Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebelius, good riddance!

She fit right in with Obama's leftist czars.

I'm not Catholic, but she is. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City told Sebelius not to take Holy Communion because of her position on abortion. She's so far to the left that she supports late-term abortions, just like Obama does.

One of her close personaland financial buddies is Dr. George Tiller - his specialty is late-term abortions. In an interview he bragged he had done over 60,000 abortions.

So now she's on to "other things." Wonder what the missing page of her sweet goodbye was?

Carrie Simonson,Crescent City

Try disc golf - it's more than just a game

For those people who think disc golf is a game, they are wrong. It's more than a game. It's exercise, it's fun. My point is don't say this is easy. Just try it. You will love it, I promise. Have fun and go play.

Anthony Craig, 11,Crescent City