Team of candidates good for Del Norte

It takes a team to win. Though individual effort is highly appreciated and valued, it is the team concept that ultimately prevails and effectuates real change. The Del North County team I am voting for in June, the one I endorse is:

Dean Wilson for sheriff

Robert Drossel for district attorney

Darren McElfresh for Superior Court judge

Without drawing attention to any of the candidates' competition, the three listed above are the right people for the jobs they seek to move Del Norte County in a direction which improves public safety and brings those individuals who offend and fail to abide by the rule of law to accountability. Justice will be well-served with the team of Wilson, Drossel and McElfresh.

Sheriff Wilson has done an excellent job in protecting our constitutional rights and enforcing our laws, often with a shortage of staff. Sheriff Wilson has managed to stretch every dollar available to keep the community safe. Please do not be misled by those who would slam the three times-elected Sheriff. I have found Dean Wilson to be very helpful and accommodating as I serve as the Supervisor for District 1. I recognize and applaud his efforts and hope to be part of a team that will send Dean back to the job.

Robert Drossel has the experience, knowledge and fortitude to prosecute the people who would cause great harm to our community. I know Bob to be firm, fair, and consistent and will work well with all law enforcement agencies in Del Norte County.

Darren McElfresh will make an outstanding Superior Court judge. Once the suspect is charged with a crime and successfully prosecuted, the appropriate and just sentencing can be expected with Darren McElfresh as Superior Court judge.

I also recommend a Yes vote on Measure A Jefferson State Advisory. Contrary to the claims by those who oppose Measure A, a Yes vote simply continues the exploratory conversation, and when passed will recommend to the Board of Supervisors that Del Norte County join a group of other contiguous northern California counties who seek additional and verifiable data on real numbers in forming a new state through a process called reconciliation. I ask for a Yes vote to continue that conversation on Jefferson state.

Above all, please exercise the most important right you possess in allowing elected officials to hear your voice: please vote.

Roger Gitlin,

Del Norte County Supervisor, District 1

Illegal immigrants with driver licences scary

Recently it was reported on the news that illegal immigrants will be able to apply and receive a California driver license.

This is enormously frightening.

Most of these people can't even read or write. It seems impossible to me that these people could be any more than a major hazard to other motorists and themselves.

America is our country and English is our language. It should be mandatory that all immigrants, no matter of what nationality, should have to learn to read, write and speak English.

Jill Bausch,

Crescent City