Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Rep. Huffman appears unconcerned about us

On March 29 Congressman Huffman held a controlled town hall meeting. It was controlled because the congressman wanted questions only on two subjects: Social Security and Medicare; questions on other subjects were discouraged. All questions had to be submitted in writing.

When he read my question he stated he would call me; he did three weeks later. My question had to do with not receiving replies to 13 of my letters. (On his e-mail page he states if a reply is wanted to check a box next to the request. I always check the box.) On the telephone he told me his staff is too busy to respond to correspondence.

I thought part of his job is to respond with an appropriate answer to whatever question is being asked. How does he know what concerns we have if he holds controlled meetings? How do we know he is given even a recap of all correspondence received during a given week? Why are all staff members, even in the three districts offices, so busy they are told not too reply?

The Eureka office was going to respond to my emails but after the March 29 meeting even my telephone calls are unanswered. It seems to me if Mr. Huffman is so unconcerned with our needs he should go back to his law practice.

Marlowe Thompson,

Crescent City

Wilson's defense of rights shows leadership

Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson has earned the endorsement of Gun Owners of California Campaign Committee (GOCCC) for re-election.

His strong and vocal defense of the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment in particular has earned him the support and admiration of law-abiding citizens throughout California.

GOCCC is California's oldest pro-gun political action committee, and over the past 38 years since its inception we cannot recall a single time that an elected county sheriff has personally testified before the Legislature to defend the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Californians. Sheriff Wilson was one of the first.

Sheriff Wilson has shown leadership, courage and dedication in stepping forward and making it perfectly clear to the state Legislature that he supports the Second Amendment, and for that we are eternally grateful. It's important that we elect leaders who understand our Constitution and the true intentions of our founding fathers.

The endorsement of Sheriff Wilson was a no-brainer. We need sheriffs like Dean Wilson who understand that the amendments added to our Constitution in the Bill of Rights are individual safeguards put there to protect us from overreaching government. We also believe that Sheriff Wilson will not only continue to be the criminal's worst nightmare, he has already proven to be the law-abiding citizen's best friend.

Gun Owners of California has conferred on Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson the title of Honorary Life Member for his outstanding and unwavering support of the Second Amendment.

Sam Paredes,

executive director,

Gun Owners of California

Henion's experience superior to opponents

Based on a federal judge's criteria for the treatment of California prison inmates, Gov. Brown created realignment, a foolish solution sending dangerous inmates back into county jails or outright release. Prison budgets are based on average daily population, so while budgets will decrease, that savings will not go to the county jails where the population will increase. This foray of politics into the judiciary and law enforcement is dangerous for all involved.

With elections looming, voters need to understand that now, more than any time in the past, experience is critical for the offices of sheriff and district attorney. Those departments will be dealing with greater workloads but diminishing resources, and cooperation will be necessary to ensure that the criminal justice system works in a fair but swift, economical and safe manner.

The Superior Court judge race is also critical:

Ms. Doehle is relying on the fact that she was politically appointed and is already an unelected judge. In my view the person selected by the governor has been bought, sold and owes her soul to the very man whose moronic policy has led to the current unsafe mess.

Mr. McElfresh has been dishonest about his experience and qualifications. His actual experience has little to do with consistency and direction. This was pretty obvious at the forum where the candidates spoke, and he jumped up and began his Johnny Cochran-like theatrics. I will not cast my vote for anyone engaging in this sort of undignified and unreliable conduct.

That leaves Dohn Henion, a man who dedicated his legal career to both prosecution and defense but also used his wealth of knowledge in service to the public as a county and city attorney, advisor to law enforcement, Harbor District attorney and other more mundane litigation areas that are the backbone of the new directions this county has had to take based on its transition from a timber/fishing economy to one based more on state and federal jobs and tourism. Henion is the only candidate who has worked in the trenches and has the breadth of experience not attained by other candidates whose career paths seemed to have been dictated by politics, status, ego and money.

Barry O'Neill,


Trigg has better grasp ofhow job should be done

After reading both candidates' qualifications for Del Norte County District Attorney and living in Crescent City for 89 years and following candidates for this office, I came to the conclusion that the newcomer has a better grasp of the way our county government and personnel should function.

Dale Trigg is my next door neighbor, and I get good vibes from him.

Wally Griffin,

Crescent City

RHS does not endorse election candidates

I am writing in response to Katie Leathers' letter of May 7 ("Trigg shows attention to domestic violence").

Rural Human Services (RHS), of which Harrington House is an important part, does not endorse candidates for public office. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means - by law - we are not to engage in politicking.

We are blessed in Del Norte County to have fine slate of candidates for a variety of public seats, and RHS looks forward as always to working with our elected officials to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify our position.

Mike Costigan,

executive director,

Rural Human Services

A new state would hurt kids' college access

In our upcoming June 3 election, Measure A is an advisory vote on whether we should break away from California and form a new state.

What would we lose if we secede from California? One important benefit we'd lose is access to our California university system. Our kids have access to the California community college system through our local College of the Redwoods. Even during high school, students can earn credits that count toward a college degree. Completing an associate degree at CR guarantees you access to a four-year degree at one of many public universities throughout the state, some of the finest in the world.

Currently there are no universities in the counties that have voted to form a new state. If Del Norte votes similarly, our kids would not have the same opportunities they have now and would have to pay significantly higher costs with out-of-state tuition to attend public universities.

I urge you to vote no on Measure A.

Jill Dovre,

Crescent City

Drossel's integrity needed in DA's office

In June the voters of Del Norte County will be electing a new district attorney. The district attorney must be able to successfully prosecute cases, and he must be able to manage the District Attorney's Office. He needs to have the experience of assigning cases to the other attorneys in the office, managing the office staff and preparing and maintaining an office budget. He must have experience working with the Crescent City Police Department, the county Sheriff's Office, the highway patrol office, the county supervisors and the county administrative officer.

If you review the experience of the two district attorney candidates, you will find that Robert Drossel is the only candidate who has this experience. He has been the DA for Del Norte County (1999andndash;2002), assistant DA for South Lake Tahoe, supervising deputy DA for Butte County and DA investigator for Kings County. He also has been a resident of Del Norte County for 17 years, and he knows the needs and issues of Del Norte County. He is also involved in the community.

Because of the problems with the past two district attorneys of Del Norte County, it is important that the voters elect a candidate with proven integrity and credibility. During the 40-plus years of Robert Drossel's career there has never been any question regarding his integrity or his credibility.

After investigating all of the experience and qualifications of Robert Drossel, you will come to the same conclusion that I have, that Robert Drossel is the best candidate for Del Norte County's next district attorney.

Michael Butler,

Smith River

McElfresh, Trigg true advocates for justice

I am an "outsider" (just moved to beautiful Del Norte County in August) and an "insider" (have grown up in the court system). I am a psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist and have worked for 29 years with the courts, attorneys, judges, jails and all the personnel and people involved in the justice system. I am 50-something and grew up with attorneys and families of attorneys. My father was a superior court judge.

Since coming to town I have worked with Darren McElfresh and Dale Trigg. These gentlemen are two of the best, without a doubt. They are clear, forthright, honest, and true advocates for their clients and for justice. They have my vote, and I hope they have yours!

Lia Bruno, Ph.D., LMFT

Crescent City