Jefferson would hurt health care, education

In the Deep South, some people dress up every year to re-enact the Civil War andhellip; like this time it will turn out differently. It appears that Del Norte has joined a similar theatrical event in which some folks wish to re-enact the Wild Wild West.

I don't think people understand that a State of Jefferson in Del Norte County would have no health care and no education. All of the health care professionals, including doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists and ophthalmologists would flee before the state was ever enacted. These professionals rely on state licensure and insurance to perform their jobs. In addition, they rely on a paycheck, health insurance and some form of retirement. I doubt anyone would forgo these basic accommodations in order to be paid with berries, wood or weed in the State of Jefferson.

Sutter Health would not be able to continue providing hospital services since they are licensed and certified by the California Department of Public Health. They would remove all of their employees, equipment and supplies, so there would be no hospital, no ambulance service - just an empty building.

In addition, all of the teachers, staff and administration in public education, including Kandndash;12 and the College of the Redwoods, would be long gone. These are employees who rely on the state of California for their income, their health insurance policies as well as their pension program.

Thus, the state of Jefferson would not provide access to health care or education. I don't know if this matters to folks. I guess there always are leeches and medicinal snake oils to consider.

Genevieve Bannie,Crescent City

Do Gitlin's candidates endorse his writings?

Supervisor Roger Gitlin endorsed the candidacies of Sheriff Wilson, Robert Drossel and Darren McElfresh in a letter to the editor of the Triplicate ("Team of candidates good for Del Norte") on May 6.

Now I'd like to hear from his candidates. Do they agree with Supervisor Gitlin's opinions, published in the West Ranch Beacon and reproduced in the Triplicate on Sept. 29, 2012, that Pres. Obama is a "closet black racist" and the "Muslim-in-chief"?

I strongly dislike Pres. Obama's politics and would never vote for him, but he's a Christian of long standing, and there isn't a racist bone in his body. Supervisor Gitlin was obviously projecting his own racism onto the president.

Get used to it, Crescent City and Roger Gitlin: there is one human race and it was born in Africa.

Joe Barnwell,Crescent City

Sheriff must protect our outlying areas

I live in Smith River, where just tonight I called 911 around 10 p.m. about an extremely intoxicated man urinating on my lawn and screaming obscenities.

To all the nominees to become sheriff of this dirty, sad little town, I ask, what are you going to do for all the vulnerable residents in Smith River, Fort Dick, Hiouchi, or Gasquet? Why should we even bother to call when it takes so long for someone to show up? Obviously the people in office now do not have their heart in it.

Del Norte needs strong, educated, properly trained officers. The "good old boys" need to move on.

Terri Bliffen,Smith River

Wilson the kindof sheriff we need

I endorse Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson in his bid for re-election.

Over the past four years Dean has been a valuable resource when dealing with the complexities of various state and federal government agencies. We have appeared together on multiple occasions to speak to concerned citizens about unfunded government mandates that limit our individual freedoms and make our job of providing public safety services to our communities more expensive.

Dean, along with other north state sheriffs, traveled to Sacramento in an attempt to convince the governor not to sign pending firearm legislation that targeted law-abiding responsible gun owners and did not address the mentally ill and criminals who choose to inflict their will on the innocent with firearms.

This is the duty of the sheriff, and the people of Del Norte County should be proud to have a sheriff like Dean Wilson who is willing to take a stand on their behalf.

We need more sheriffs like Dean Wilson who understand and appreciate their oath of office and use that knowledge to better represent the people they serve.

I strongly support his re-election and encourage the people of Del Norte County to re-elect Sheriff Dean Wilson.

Bruce Haney,Trinity County sheriff,Weaverville

No-drama Doehle right for judge

I am writing to urge voters in our community to elect Chris Doehle as Superior Court judge in the upcoming June primary election.

After Judge Robert Weir announced his retirement, Chris Doehle was picked from a large group of candidates following a thorough yearlong vetting process by an independent investigating agency, and she has been hearing cases in our court for a year and a half now.

Judge Doehle is highly respected in our community and has been endorsed by present and former judges, as well as many other community leaders and organizations. I met Attorney Doehle more than ten years ago, when she helped me navigate the grueling aftermath of my husband's death. Judge Doehle possesses all the qualities that a good judge should have: she is a good listener who weighs all the options before making a decision; she has a calm, balanced personality, she is fair, compassionate, very knowledgeable and highly intelligent.

In Judge Doehle's courtroom there will never be added drama, nor will she have a personal or political agenda to follow. After attending a recent candidates' forum and watching her opponents deliver quite a dramatic performance and make political statements that have nothing to do with the qualifications for judge, I am more than ever convinced that Chris Doehle is the right choice and that she needs to continue to serve our community as a superior judge. Please join me in voting for Chris Doehle for Superior Court judge.

Regine Hawthorne,Crescent City

Fish are important but roads are too

You need someone to speak for the people who drive those roads (as well as someone who speaks for the fish.) We do not live in Del Norte county, but have family there and visit frequently. Expanding highways 197/199 is a much-needed improvement, and the fish will adapt.

Beth Mathis,Carmichael

Doehle shows poise during difficult time

During the past few months I have had the rare privilege of working with Judge Chris Doehle.

I have recently learned that some of her property has been vandalized, destroyed or simply taken. It has been during these trying times that I have come to appreciate all that she brings to her office as judge. Through this ordeal of missing or ruined property, Judge Doehle has carried herself with dignity, perseverance, and integrity. She has simply replaced the property as needed and carried on.

Chris has demonstrated all the traits that our county needs for an effective and professional judge. In short, Judge Doehle has shown in every way that she is the best candidate for the position that she now holds.

I wish to thank the people who have tried to unnerve her and given her the opportunity to demonstrate her excellent leadership qualities.

Now all that remains to be done is for you to vote with me for Chris Doehle for Judge and to get her the 50-percent-plus-one now, during this primary. Then we can truly put all this immature behavior behind us and let her get on with the job of giving us a determine, dignified and professional judge that our county needs and deserves.

James Ramsey,Crescent City

Bob Drossel as DA best for our county

Recent history shows us the majority of voters have not done well in picking the right district attorney in this county.

Politicians who come to town with little experience and big promises seem to sweep so many people off their feet. Smiles and promises are just not enough for such an important position as DA. I am looking for an experienced prosecutor and administrator to run the office. We need someone who has been in the county at least long enough to know the people and issues.

Bob Drossel has held every relevant DA position: DA investigator, deputy DA, supervising deputy DA, assistant DA and DA. We have in him a supervisor, manager, leader and administrator with an excellent track record. Bob Drossel has been here 17 years and has always worked on community issues. Bob Drossel has also been a police officer.

His competition has been in three states and an island and in our county at most 1andfrac12; years. It looks like he is still trying to find his way. He has no prosecution experience in California and little elsewhere and no management experience in our DA office.

This should not be a difficult choice. Please, let's do it right and bring back some dignity to this county. Vote Bob Drossel for DA.

Vicki Townsend,Smith River

Don't let critics of Measure A fool you

We've heard and read way too many "the sky is falling" lies designed to scare us into opposing Measure A.

The Big Brother government types who are spearheading the "Keep It California" opposition to Measure A have been spreading false rumors and phony statistics about Measure A and the State of Jefferson concept. They have been doing so with a reckless disregard for the truth. Whenever you see or hear someone throwing a number at you in an effort to convince you to fear Measure A, understand that that number is a fabrication.

Financial forecasts for a future state of Jefferson are impossible to make with any accuracy at this point in the process. Even if we had accurate figures for government income and expenditures here in Del Norte County (which we don't), we wouldn't have any idea what those numbers would tell us in the state of Jefferson without combining the figures from all the counties potentially included in that state. Would the state of Jefferson be able to support itself? Would the state of Jefferson be able to provide us in Del Norte County the support we now receive from California? If not, how big would the shortfall be? How many dollars that we receive from California came from us originally? How much comes to us through California from the federal government in the form of "pass-throughs"?

The truth - Measure A does not create the state of Jefferson. Measure A does not take Del Norte County out of the state of California. What Measure A does do is ask our County Supervisors to reserve a place for us at the table while as many as 20 Northern California counties explore ways by which we regain representation in government. Together we can gather and crunch the numbers and come up with the real answers to the important questions at the heart of Jefferson. When the facts are available each county will have the ability to move forward with a new state or remain in within the political grasp of California.

The consequences - if we do not opt for a place in this learning and decision-making process, we will be left out of the benefits of regained representation, whatever the direction the other counties go. And go they will. Please, in the interest of gaining an open-minded opportunity to decide our own future, vote yes on Measure A.

Jaime Yarbrough,Crescent City