Moore seems to be taking both sides on downsizing

"Clarifications about Sutter Coast issues" published on April 14 by Del Norte Healthcare District Board Director Clark Moore appear to fail to do that for they only lead into a blind alley since the resolution he quoted (Feb. 25, 2014) is apparently non-existent. My inquiry of the district (of which he is director) indicates that no such resolution was passed on Feb. 25.

In the event that he mistook an ad the district placed in the Triplicate on Feb. 6 and 8, he is correct in saying it does not contain the language "Critical Care and Regionalization." But other wording can and in this case does have the same meaning. Quoting the last paragraph of the two-paragraph ad: "The Del Norte Healthcare Board voted unanimously at their Jan. 28, 2014, Board Meeting, that Sutter Coast Hospital should remain a locally owned acute care hospital. If Sutter Health is determined to end this relationship with our community, we will explore all alternatives to maintain local ownership and shared governance of our hospital."

How can one not wonder how the director of this board can cause his signature to be affixed to this unanimously concurred-to position statement and simultaneously hawk the Sutter Health Corporation decision to downsize by 50 percent and relocate the governing board hundreds of miles distant and without any guarantee of so much as a seat on said board?

Dale L. Bohling,

Crescent City

Doehle has temperament and work ethic for judge

I have known Judge Chris Doehle for 15 years and know she is the right choice for judge.

Judge Doehle is not flashy or theatrical and does not have a political agenda. She has always been a calm and thoughtful person, is intelligent and honest. She has earned the respect and trust of those in the community and legal system during her 21 continuous years as an attorney representing people in Crescent City and as Superior Court Judge since December 2012.

Judge Doehle is a tireless worker. In addition to managing her busy legal practice, she and her husband raised two outstanding sons while she donated countless hours to work on local boards and committees, volunteering in school classrooms, 4-H, and the fair. She is a longtime supporter of local scholarships and is invested in our community and our citizens.

Her temperament sets her apart. She has always been a deliberate thinker and carefully considers both sides to determine the facts. She is ethical and fair and has earned the endorsement of local judges, past clients and courtroom professionals.

The decisions that judges make are hard ones, and we need to have confidence in that person. Judge Doehle embodies the qualifications I want in a judge. I urge you to vote for Judge Chris Doehle.

Karen Davis,

Crescent City