Measure A: Chance to turn around economy

I'm saddened to see the current economic situation of Del Norte.

When I was a child, I used to play in many of the vacant fields in Crescent City. Now those fields are homeless encampments. Going to the stores on a weekend (the ones not closed), I see people begging for money. I feel sad for them and wish this area could offer them a job instead of a handout. There are vacant and foreclosed homes everywhere, and residential property values continue to fall.

The small boat basin used to be filled with recreational boats and was a hub of economic activity. Now the boats are gone, and I watch tourists drive into the harbor and promptly leave, taking their tourist dollars with them.

We have no sawmill or fish processing plants like we used to have. And now I have fear when visiting the parks that my car will be broken into, which seems to be happening more regularly to locals and tourists alike.

Keeping it California has not worked for Del Norte. The people against Del Norte exploring the possibility of the State of Jefferson are going to vote no on Measure A. And with their "no" vote they will be condemning all of us here in Del Norte to continue down this same path of economic despair and ruin that "us" keeping it California has brought. In the meantime, our sister counties will be exploring how they can make the State of Jefferson work.

Most of the people against Measure A are dependent upon the income California gives them. They got theirs, and they are working hard to keep it andhellip; California.

I guess opponents of Measure A don't remember the state parks being closed during the last budget crisis California had? What are we going to do here when California turns off the welfare spigot?

I'm also saddened that the opponents to Measure A are only concerned about money. Measure A is about something more than money.

We can do better, Del Norte, and I want Del Norte to join our sister counties who are trying to find a better way. We live in such a rich place, yet most of us live in poverty with the continued insult of high taxes and oppressive regulations California continues to impose.

I'm voting yes for Measure A and finding a better way.

Matthew Bier,Crescent City

Deputies don't seem to care about reports

What happened to law enforcement?

As a citizen of Crescent City and a retired deputy sheriff, I have never seen such an act of deputies that are either untrained or just plain having a non-caring attitude.

I am the manager of a local mobile home park and have had to call 911 for assistance. When the young deputies arrived, they told me that I was the one who caused me to be assaulted and abused because I stopped a vehicle in the park because they had been continuously harassing my tenants. This is at least one of three times that this harassment has taken place in the park and every time there was no report taken or charges filed.

In my situation, I had five witnesses at the scene and the deputy never talked to a single one of them or even took a note.

I am still waiting three weeks later for a report to be sent to the DA's office so I can file charges. This lack of caring and being irresponsible should be reflecting back onto the Sheriff's Office. This should at least be looked into by someone in charge.

Jon Birch,Crescent City

Maready will keep politics out of office

I am writing to express my strong support for Jim Maready for sheriff.

I served alongside Jim on the School Board for three years and found him to be a public-spirited, clear-headed and even-tempered individual. Jim and I frequently visited schools together, and I came to appreciate his extensive and personal knowledge of the history and needs of each area of our community.

He has a deep commitment to effective and nonpartisan governance. He and I were on opposite sides of some issues, but he was always able to listen and to respect the views of those who disagreed with him. That ability is crucial to effective leadership. It is particularly important that all members of our community have confidence that the law will be enforced fairly, without a political agenda.

I have complete confidence that Jim Maready will create and lead a nonpartisan, professional law enforcement agency and will restore it to its rightful place as an effective and trusted part of our entire community.

Please join me in voting for Jim Maready for sheriff.

Don McArthur,Crescent City

Judge Doehle refuses to follow simple law

I went to Judge Doehle's court on a legal matter, a rather simple matter that any judge or attorney should have known. Judge Doehle got it wrong and refused to correct the legal error, forcing me to appeal. The First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco ruled that Judge Doehle's legal decision was wrong and reversed her decision (easily found posted by the Court of Appeals on the internet; simply Google both "Nunn" and "A139583").

When a non-attorney such as myself is forced to appeal because the judge will not follow the law, it only makes sense to elect a judge who will.

I believe Judge Doehle received her appointment as judge for purely political reasons under affirmative action and party affiliation, not on knowledge or experience and certainly not on her sense of fairness. She simply doesn't have the background necessary to make a good or fair judge and, unfortunately, I know this firsthand. As for the judicial endorsements Judge Doehle boasts of, the endorsements tell me she's been accepted as one of the "ol' boys." Judge Doehle's bad decision has wasted my time as well as wasting valuable court time and taxpayer dollars.

I have met candidates Darren McElfresh and Dohn Henion, and have seen them in action in court. I believe that either of these candidates, elected as our next judge, would have a much better tendency to understand and follow the law.

Please vote for anyone but Judge Doehle.

Wesley I. Nunn,Crescent City