Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Trigg shows attention to domestic violence issues

Domestic violence is a hot topic and a substantial concern for our community today. The California Department of Justice (DOJ) reported domestic violence-related calls for assistance to law enforcement in 2012 with Del Norte County holding the highest rates of the entire state. Consider that is compared to Los Angeles County; Alameda County, where the City of Oakland resides; San Diego County; Humboldt County and rural counties similar to Del Norte County as well.

The 2013 statistics have not been published through the California DOJ yet, but as the director of Harrington House I can attest that we gather statistics for each victim and child that we serve. It should be noted by our community members that 2013 and 2014 have proven to show substantial increases in the amount of victims and children we are serving.

The need of our community is at an all-time high, and the importance that this volatile issue carries into your neighborhood is detrimental. Domestic violence affects children's education and attendance, their physical and mental health and many other needs that are too great to note in this letter. The increase in cost for the county, city and private businesses to provide these services to both the children and victims is incredible and holds a high impact on our community.

Dale Trigg has committed to attending the Harrington House and JACEE event that benefits victims and their children on May 10, The Mother of All 5K's. He has chosen to be at the event, show his support and will be missing a portion of the Fairgrounds Candidate Fair. He and his wife have shown their support continually to Harrington House and the issue of domestic violence and not just during this campaign year.

I cannot express this is the type of attention that domestic violence needs in our county. Choosing to attend to the important needs of our community when it may create contention or rumor about his ability to tend to his campaign events or desired DA position should prove what character and goals Dale Trigg has.

Katie Leathers,

Crescent City

Good answers needed about Jefferson measure

There are many questions about Del Norte County joining the State of Jefferson, questions to which we need good answers before voting yes on Measure A.

Will Congress admit the state of Jefferson, which will have less population than many big cities?

Will California be glad to get rid of the state of Jefferson and its burden on the rest of California?

Would the state of Jefferson have provided $20 million to $25 million to rebuild our harbor after the tsunamis like California did? Will California want its money back?

Will the agriculture interests in the rest of the state of Jefferson take all the water from the Klamath and Trinity rivers, destroying our salmon fishery and all the jobs dependent on our fishery? Remember the Klamath fish kill of 2002!

Will mining poison the Smith River as mines elsewhere have poisoned so many rivers? What will we do for our water supply if the Smith River water is unfit for human use?

Will the people throughout the U.S. who put their effort and money into protecting the redwoods go along with turning the parks over to the State of Jefferson or will they find ways to continue to protect them?

Will the State of Jefferson pay to improve U.S. highways 101 and 199 or will they take all the road funds for themselves?

What will happen to our schools and colleges without California's support? Can Jefferson students afford non-resident college tuition in Oregon and California? Will "local control" result in graduates not prepared for jobs elsewhere or even locally?

Why do the supporters blame all our ills on government and on others elsewhere? Is this a victim mentality?

These questions need good answers before we agree to secede. In short, the state of Jefferson proposal is a blank contract, which we are asked to sign. I won't sign a blank contract. Will you?

Just say no on Measure A?

John Mertes,

Crescent City

Setting record straight on McElfresh as harbor attorney

As a harbor commissioner for the last seven years, I am obligated to set the record straight.

Darren McElfresh used to be our harbor district's attorney until he resigned to become a prosecutor for the Del Norte District Attorney's Office. I heard Dohn Henion claim in last week's KEET-TV forum that Darren McElfresh "lost" his job to Dohn Henion. That is an inaccurate statement by Mr. Henion. Mudslinging by a judicial candidate is not good and should stop.

Ron Phillips,

Crescent City Harbor Commissioner

Clarity of motive about condor program needed

After reading the April 26 article ("Yurok Tribe gets permission to release condors"), I couldn't help but think this is dandeacute;jandagrave; vu all over again.

I remember when the spotted owl was used as an excuse for shutting down logging and thinking these people don't care about owls they only want to shut down logging and will use any pretext to reach their goal.

Now it's condors, but the goal is to outlaw lead bullets with the ultimate goal of banning hunting. How will that work? Have you ever priced non-lead bullets? You think hunters will pay the price for their once-a-year hunt? How will you be able to afford to practice? You think sportsmen will absorb the cost like they do license fees, and travel expenses? What about tribal subsistence hunting? I know a few years ago they gave an exchange for your lead bullets for free, but drug dealers often give free samples until their clients are hooked.

Now don't get me wrong. I consider myself to be an environmentalist, love owls, condors, and all God's creatures. I just have a problem with being deceived. Please don't lie to me and try to manipulate me if you want my support for your cause. Oh, and be clear as to just what your cause is, so I'll know if I support it.

Kirk Taylor,


Parents should be held accountable for 911 calls

I feel that these little kids need to keep their paws off the phone, because they are dialing 911 on purpose. If they keep dialing it, I also feel that the parents should be penalized with paying a $20 fine for every time their kids play with the 911 number. Instead of the police counseling the kids, they need to slap a fine on the parents, no questions asked.

Tony Jacomella,

Crescent City