Dale Trigg has enoughexperience to be DA

Now let's get the record straight. Dale Trigg has served 15 years as a prosecutor and defender, and because of his vast knowledge and experience with both criminal and civil law he was appointed temporary judge.

So how can Bob Drosselclaim that Dale Trigg has "not had enough experience to be our district attorney"?

Both have a wealth of friends and supporters, most of whom have seen neither one in action in the courtroom.

In the past year and a half, those working in the court system have watched Dale Trigg in action in trials. They found him to be aggressive, thorough, fair and with a work ethic and efficiency second to none.

Dale was approached by those in law enforcement and asked to run for Del Norte County District Attorney.

Both candidates for this office were interviewed by our local law enforcement groups, and Dale was endorsed by both the Crescent City Police Officers Association and the Del Norte County Sheriff's Employees Association. He also has received an official endorsement from the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (Pelican Bay Chapter).

What does this tell you? Those who arrest criminals, investigate crimes and gather evidence want Dale Trigg to do the job of preparing cases, prosecuting and getting convictions. They do not want serious felonies reduced to misdemeanors.

The trust they have placed in Dale Trigg is justified. Voters, mark your absentee ballots now: Dale P. Trigg for Del Norte County District Attorney. Other voters, get to the polls on June 3 and vote for your next district attorney, Dale P. Trigg.

Maralou Ellis,Smith River