I am absolutely not voting for Doehle

Judges have more power than we will ever know. It is very important to elect a judge who can be trusted with this power and authority. I don't know what judge I will be voting for, but I do know that I am absolutely not voting for the incumbent and temporarily appointed judge, Chris Doehle.

I have been in the courtroom with this judge on a small claims case, and I have firsthand experience seeing how she conducts herself in court. The judge treated it like it was insignificant and there was no real justice served.

As we have seen in other cases, Judge Doehle has a history of accepting ridiculous plea bargains and not administering appropriate sentences.

I urge you to choose from the other qualified candidates and make a positive change in the justice system. Judges like Chris Doehle, along with the realignment program, make California a very appealing place for criminals to live!

Lana Amana,


Support Measure Ato stengthen our voice

No doubt you've heard the jingle on the radio "Keep it California," but you have to ask yourselves, "Why the strident opposition?"

If Del Norte joins our sister counties to the east in passing Measure A, we can present our case to Sacramento as a united block of counties seeking equal representation.

All we are asking is to go back to the constitutional model where each county has a voice in the Senate. If Jefferson state passes, we would once again have one senator for each county instead of the present arrangement where one Senator represents 12 Northern California counties.

I would hope that any fair-minded person can see the benefit in that. Imagine Del Norte having its very own senator with an equal voice among the 16 other counties of the state of Jefferson.

Presently, California has 40 senators, the Bay Area has 10 of those and the Los Angeles metropolitan area has 20. Del Norte, by contrast, has a vote equal to 1/12 of 40. As the urban centers continue to grow, the rural counties will have less and less say about the distribution of state revenues. We will continue to get the leftovers after San Francisco and Los Angeles have taken their share.

Right now both chambers of the state Legislature are based on population. The balance of power is shifting toward the urban centers. This is not right or fair and must be addressed.

"It is more honorable to repair a wrong than to persist in it." - Thomas Jefferson, 1806.

Please, I urge you, to vote yes on Measure A and restore Del Norte's voice in state government.

Russ Burnette,

Crescent City

Law enforcement supports Trigg for DA

I have lived in Del Norte county for 40 years. I was a law enforcement officer for 31 years. My background includes working the positions of undersheriff, captain, sergeant, sergeant of detectives and narcotics interagency commander at the Del Norte Sheriff's Department. Throughout my years at the sheriff's department, I have worked with numerous district attorneys, including then-appointed district attorney Robert Drossel.

Upon my retirement, I became a state licensed private investigator. In the last 10 years I have worked with the contract public defenders on defense cases.

Prior to Dale Trigg being hired by the contract public defenders, I was requested to conduct a background check on Mr. Trigg. I made contact with numerous past associates, fellow attorneys and judges who knew or worked with Mr. Trigg. In all of these interviews, Mr. Trigg was highly praised for his integrity and trustworthiness and for his knowledge of the law. In particular, it was noted that he is exceptionally capable of analyzing facts in a case and arriving at a fair conclusion. There were no concerns, whatsoever, as to his abilities or qualifications.

I have personally worked with Mr. Trigg on numerous cases in the last year and a half.

His 15 years as a defense attorney is equivalent to 15 years as a prosecutor since the case is prepared and presented to a jury in the same manner.

Please note that because of these abilities, he is endorsed by the majority of the law enforcement community who work with the District Attorney's Office on a daily basis.

I urge the voters of Del Norte county to vote with me for Dale Trigg for the position of district attorney.

John P. Fay,

Crescent City

Time to bring back law enforcement for all of us

As of this writing, I have walked 155.49 miles and have taken 323,359 steps going door to door meeting the citizens of Del Norte County.

The reason I have gone door to door is so that you might tell me how you feel about the Sheriff's Department and the current sheriff.

First, the negative. Here is what I have heard: A high crime rate, especially property crimes; at times no response to calls; slow response times to calls that are answered; lack of patrol to outlying areas and no follow-up to reports taken.

I received numerous accounts of indifference by the sheriff himself, phone calls not being returned by the sheriff, and too much politics.

Employees reflect the person in charge. The current sheriff appears to be in denial in that he says the crime rate is down. Well, if people have stopped calling regarding crimes and in association with reports not being taken, the crime rate will go down.

Now the positive. The job of the sheriff is to protect your safety, property, and rights -all your rights. No excuses.

The job of the sheriff is to provide an effective, professional and educated department.

The job of the sheriff is to stay in touch with the citizens of Del Norte County by answering your phone calls, town hall meetings, a citizen's advisory committee and attending neighborhood watch meetings.

The job of the sheriff is to protect your safety with an effective patrol. I will bring the patrol staff up to a level to provide afair and equal patrol to all areas of the county.There will be reports taken and follow-up to those reports.

Ladies and gentlemen, coming out of retirement was not an easy decision. But I owe a lot to this county and the current situation with the Sheriff's Department is at a point of becoming ineffectual to the needs of our county. A sheriff needs to stay in the county and properly lead the Sheriff's Department with an open door policy.

I will re-establish programs for seniors, veterans and youth that have been discarded by the current sheriff.

I bring to you experience and a sincere desire to give you the best law enforcement agency possible. It is time to bring back law enforcement for all the people of Del Norte County and to leave the politics to the politicians.

Jim Maready,

Candidate for Del Norte County Sheriff