Low turnout no mandate against Jefferson state

I see in Saturday's paper (June 7) where Keep It California campaign director Kevin Hendrick took out an ad celebrating the victory over Measure A. He cited the 59 percent who voted no on Measure A as a crushing defeat for the Jefferson state backers.

Let's look at the numbers a little closer, shall we? Only 41 percent of the registered voters bothered to cast their ballots. That means that only 23 percent of the registered voters voted against Measure A. That is hardly a mandate to put the nails in the coffin of the Jefferson state movement.

Mr. Hendrick went on to say how proud he was of the voters who voted no. Proud? You have got to be kidding. Proud of a 41 percent voter turnout? My hope is that we haven't burned our bridges, and that if the number of counties getting on board with Jefferson State swells to over 10 or more, then it will become a credible force. Jefferson State may yet be proven to be a pipe dream, but it is a dream nonetheless.

What do Jefferson state opponents have to offer? More of the same? The status quo is not working for Del Norte. A recent poll in the Triplicate, albeit from last July, asked its readers if they thought Del Norte's economy was getting worse or getting better. It was 60.5 percent that said they thought it was getting worse.

The California economy is not much better. Look at the big companies leaving California. Toyota packed up their operations and took their 3,000 jobs to Texas. Sony Pictures is leaving Los Angeles and going to Vancouver, Canada. You mean Canada has a better business climate than California? When will the bleeding stop?

That is one reason we must keep the Jefferson state dream alive. I for one don't want to sit around singing the Eagles song "Hotel California." The words go something like, "You can check out any time you want, but you can't never leave."

Russ Burnette,Crescent City

Why was assault suspect released from jail?

Who dropped the ball? A man was stabbed with an eel hook. Sounds like assault with a deadly weapon causing great physical injury to me. How could the suspected perpetrator, Michael Loftin, be released to society? Who is responsible? Then days later the suspect was wanted in a shooting of another victim.

Whom can we trust with public safety? Too much campaigning for re-election, Tea Party rallies, NRA sponsorship, state of Jefferson debates? The candidates campaigned on Constitutional law. They knew that this suspect was entitled to a speedy trail. Why was he released due to non-timely arraignment?

Norris Bryan,Crescent City