Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Board's prayer debacle is just a smokescreen

For those of you who have been following the great prayer debacle, let me interject my opinion on what I see as an outsider and interested citizen.

It's a smokescreen. Wannabe Imperial Majesty Emperor Finigan seems to be haranguing Supervisor Gitlin over the prayer idea, along with refusing Supervisor Gitlin to speak after he gets lambasted by a woman holding a Bible and blaspheming him. That little tirade alone shows that Finigan lets anything go by as long as it suits his perverse pleasure at other folks' distress.

The real problem here is the admitting or forgetting of items for or from the agenda. He must think that as long as he can rile folks up by using lack of free speech (which is a guaranteed right under the U.S. Constitution), not to mention the other problem which is being acted on against Supreme Court rulings, everyone will forget about how he is "keeping house."

Wrong there, wannabe emperor. We see and we hear just about everything you do. Have you forgotten you are on display for everyone? You are not Imperial Majesty Emperor Finigan yet, so you need to rein it back a few notches and act like the supervisor you were elected to be. You are supposed to be the voice of the people, not Imperial Majesty Emperor Finigan.

One last thing here, Wannabe Imperial Majesty Emperor Finigan. While showing your disdain for all the religions who might want a prayer, you might put the brain in gear before the mouth moves. Why, you ask? Because atheists do not pray because they don't believe in God. I would think even you would know that.

The great prayer debacle is far from over. Ultimately, the will of the people in District 5 will prevail. They always have and always will.

Bill Turck,

Crescent City

Constitution does not preclude meeting prayers

Prayers at the Council?Yes - for those who feel comfortable with it.

I see no Constitutional impediment, since the drafters of the Constitution are said to have opened their meetings that way. I assure you that when I was on Council there were times when I softly and privately prayed there, whether anybody else prayed or not.

I would bitterly oppose anybody telling me I couldn't pray or that I must pray a certain way not approved by Christ (Matthew 6:1-6).

Has anybody considered inviting local preachers and those who wish to come for a prayer session before council meetings?

"Jack" (John M.) Burlake,

Crescent City

Fonda a poor choice for commencement speaker

Election Day. This letter was written at 11:45 a.m. on June 3 before any of the election returns have been received for California.

Yesterday I learned that Jane Fonda had been invited to UCLA to make a commencement speech. During the Vietnam War she far exceeded any limit of civil protest against the war and aided and abetted the enemy. This is also known as treason. I had three friends killed in Vietnam and another severely disabled. At one time UCLA's chancellor had his own private jet. I don't know if this is still the situation. During the 1960s UCLA also had an avowed communist on its faculty staff. She was greeted in the Soviet Union as a hero. Is this what "Keep it California" stands for?

Joseph A. Lavender,

Crescent City