Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Accusations against sheriff misguided

Following several reads of Mr. Jensen's almost incoherent rant ("Sheriff's politicization is anti-democratic," June 7), I have to say that it is perhaps Mr. Jensen who needs to get a firm grip on his political posturing.

To begin with, it should be ludicrous to suggest that any peace officer in this day and age would perform his duties unarmed. Next, it is the primary duty of the sheriff to be both the chief law enforcement officer and protector of public safety in the county. And finally, he is bound by oath to enforce all laws and protect public safety regardless of personal political position. To suggest that Sheriff Wilson has established a policy of political preferences is without merit or any factual basis. Mr. Jensen makes these allegations without any evidence of someone being asked his or her party preference as the basis for being arrested, harassed, or intimidated.

The particular rant about the sheriff's wife, the sheriff and the investigation of the Del Norte Solid Waste Authority borders on paranoia. The facts are that a crime was committed by someone in the authority. Due to the convoluted way that the authority did its accounting, it has not been possible to assemble sufficient evidence to arrest anyone. There is no evidence to suggest that a political agenda was in play in the investigation by members of the sheriff's department, and privatization of the authority would most likely not even been a part of the conversation.

While I could continue in this vein to show that Mr. Jensen has no factual basis for any of the claims he makes in his entire letter, it is important to note that Mr. Jensen does have a political agenda of fearmongering and misinformation which does not benefit the people of this county.

We in this country are governed by a representative republic and not a democracy. We are supposed to elect people who are best suited to the position for which they are to be elected, not on the basis of some ill-conceived political agenda.

To this end I will ask Mr. Jensen, does he wish to have a sheriff that clearly knows his job or would he rather have one that, due to his inexperience, was largely responsible for the fiasco that surrounded Del Norte High School's recent bomb incident? I will leave that for Mr. Jensen to decide.

Samuel Strait,

Crescent City