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Acknowledge higher power at meetings

Our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) must be turning in their graves if they read some of the recent letters and attended some of our recent Board of Supervisors meetings regarding prayer at the beginning of a meeting. Since when have we become so self-assured and sufficient that we do not acknowledge we are not the center of the universe?

Based on our history and a recent Supreme Courtdecision, Supervisor Gitlin asked that we start each meeting with a non-denominational prayer. You'd think he'd asked for something outrageous. This has caused him to become the recipient of others' bottled personal anger.

About two weeks ago at a Board meeting, I witnessed a woman speak, carrying her Bible, "so people will know I'm not lying." Then she went on to accuse Mr. Gitlin of using "the poor and uneducated people of Daily Bread Ministries" in order to get rid of blight. I have never considered the folks at Daily Bread Ministries to be "poor and uneducated." They are rich in spirit and educated in helping themselves and the community. He was also accused of "using" the ministers who appeared asking for this prayer before meetings. I know some of these men, and they do not allow themselves to be "used." They were speaking their own minds.

Lastly, this woman had the audacity to use the name of Jesus to go against Mr. Gitlin. Jesus was a teacher of love and compassion, not wrath and hate. Was she in any way corrected? On the contrary, when Mr. Gitlin tried to speak in defense, he was silenced by Chairman


The prayer at the beginning of a meeting will be an invocation to a higher power, and which of the world's great religions does not invoke a higher power? (When my son was in Iraq and Afghanistan, he greatly admired the chaplains of various faiths who ministered to all, not just the members of their faith. This is called non-denominational ministry.)

Have we forgotten our history where our Founding Fathers acknowledged their dependence on a higher being? They found the way to come up with the strength and new ideas resulting in a new form of government. They ensured rights for individuals. So why are some persons so threatened by an acknowledgment of a higher power?Let us follow the example of our Founding Fathers, lest we forget the source of their strength.

Calie Martin,

Crescent City

Supervisor seems to thrive on divisiveness

There seems to be a lot of hate expressed in recent letters to the editor, much of it directed at Board Chairman Finigan.

To me, hate is the disease of the soul. The Bible teaches us to deplore sin but to love and forgive the sinner and that we must love God and our neighbors as well.

Some, like Board Supervisor Roger Gitlin, seem to thrive on dividing our beautiful community. Misery loves company?

As a song from the '60s whose lyrics said, "Where is the love?"maybe it's time for all to take a few deep breaths and try making nice.

Casting stones is not a rewarding exercise.

Ernie Miller,

Smith River