Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Trucking could destroy Smith River-area forests

Mr. Sullivan's op-ed ("Is status quo on Highway 199 worth the risk?" July 1) brought to mind a home I once owned. It had five large mature pine trees bordering the front yard about 10 feet from the edge of the paved road. These trees were beautiful and added to the park-like setting of the property. A trucker who owned a diesel tractor and trailer moved across the street. He parked his rig on his property at night and each morning he would move it and park in front of his house, leaving the motor idling for about 10 minutes.

The diesel fumes permeated my trees and front yard. After only a year, my trees had died and had to be removed.

It is my hope that the price we will pay for the removal of the commercial trucking restrictions will not include the demise of our beautiful natural resources along the 199 corridor or any of our neighbors.

Rose Afflick,

Crescent City

Board's inaction results in unmaintained library

I was shocked to read the July 3 edition of the Del Norte Triplicate and learn the library's Board of Directors is holding funds in excess of $350,000.

The Library in its present state is a disgrace. Its building has loud, squeaky floors. The shelves are filled with books that stink of mold and cigarettes. The lobby and central reading area do not encourage proper library manners. Quiet please!

The Library Board needs to use the excess funds to do a general cleanup/cleanout. Surprise us and show just how much $350,000 can do, not only for library patrons and employees, but for the whole community. Stop hoarding the funds. Use them, and use them well.

What has the Board been waiting for?

Rosalie Burns,

Crescent City

Supervisor Gitlin is right to pursue prayer in public

To pray or not to pray ...

We are so sad to see there has to be such a blatant argument over prayer in public.We stand by Roger Gitlin in the right to do so. May everyone check their own heart.

Will it contaminate the hearers? After all, who are the prayers to you? So just plug your ears if you are afraid of hearing. It is a matter of respect to remain quiet when you hear someone pray.

What are we coming to in this godfearing nation? This nation has been on a downhill trend ever since they took prayer out of public school. Since God isn't even allowed in our schools, you know the results of that.

We need more public prayer, not less. Don't you agree?

Tom and Lou Housley,

Crescent City