Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Embarrassing to watch diatribe against Gitlin

I watched the Board of Supervisors meeting of June 10 with great disgust and embarrassment for Del Norte County as Lisa McKeown exercised her nasty diatribe against Supervisor Gitlin. When she waved a Holy Bible in the air and placed a curse on Supervisor Gitlin, who is a devout Jew, I wondered why Chairman Finigan did not step in to enforce rules of decorum. Finigan is already conflicted with bad meeting management practices, but this bit of theater took the cake in my view.

Check out that soap opera for yourself. Look it up on YouTube. Better take an Excedrin first. One does not require an expansive imagination to figure out why Ms. McKeown left the Chamber of Commerce. At the time, she claimed it was for personal reasons. A seriously unbalanced capacity for judgment might fall into that category.

It became quite public when she cried out at Supervisor Gitlin, "I hope that God pricks your heart and you stop all this bull crap."

Indeed, if she truly enjoys the ability to discern between good and evil, she would have praised this courageous supervisor at long length for always sticking to constitutional and Judeo-Christian principles as he so admirably represents his District 1 constituency. This man is earning a rather large following in the other districts as well, which ought to alarm the other county supervisors who won't stick their necks out on any issue of substance.

As a poignant example, I would use their unwillingness to follow the Constitution and a recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court that allow sectarian prayer in public meetings. The California Assembly does. Why can't we?

The longer I listened to McKeown, the more I developed a deep sadness for where we are headed. Having been blessed with such a beautiful environment and so many natural resources, we should be at the top of our game. But we're not. I wonder how many visitors to this area were summarily put off by McKeown when she served at the Chamber? And, if I were a corporate decision-maker or even a small-business owner deliberating whether to relocate to this county, how could I possibly rule in favor of such a move, given the current shortage of quality leadership at most levels of governance here? For starters, shame on Lisa McKeown and Chairman Finigan.

Bill Turck,

Crescent City

County Board's help with safety issue appreciated

We all pay attention to the people who run for public office. We read their statements, attend debates and make a choice on Election Day. But how many of us follow through by attending public meetings to see how they are doing? Are they representing us as promised?

Recently I asked the Board of Supervisors to make it safe for me to walk across the intersection of Cooper and J streets. I know they initiated a plan that will remind drivers that state law gives pedestrians the right-of-way.

I'm looking forward to walking across without waiting for a lawful or courteous driver to notice. All it will take is a couple of signs and some yellow paint.

Pedestrians have responsibility too. I always wait for eye contact and a signal from the driver that he will wait, and then I cross as fast as I can and say thanks. Once when I waited for 14 cars and one finally stopped, I threw a kiss.

The Board members were responsive to my request; I thank them in advance for the changes in that complicated intersection.

Sharon McKinney,

Crescent City