Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Full board should vote on having meeting prayers

I'm mildly amused and deeply saddened by the efforts against Supervisor Gitlin to introduce non-sectarian prayers by rotating pastors/priests/rabbis at the beginning of Board of Supervisors meetings.

Several people have used the Bible as their basis not to have public prayers. Matthew 6:5andndash;6 talks about self-important religious leaders praying in public to be seen by all. However, in Matthew 5:14andndash;15 Jesus told us to put our light on a stand for all to see.

The point is this: Supervisor Gitlin was not trying to put himself out in public to "puff up" himself, he is looking at the Founding Fathers and our precious documents: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution secures for us the God-given right to freely express our need to rely on His authority and willingness to help our local leaders make proper decisions.

Supervisor Finigan should allow a vote by the full board. I suspect since no other board member has committed for or against public pray they will not have the backbone to read what the Founding Fathers said and did but will take the easy way out and vote against this proposal.

I have noted with all the criticism directed at Supervisor Gitlin no one has used our Founding Fathers or any important original documents to defend their position or show where Mr. Gitlin is wrong. During the March meeting several of us spoke to the board and referenced what our Founding Fathers thought was important for public meetings: start with prayer and acknowledge our Heavenly Father.

For references go to:Wallbuilders.comand search that site. Supervisor Gitlin has the backbone to stand up for the convictions of his faith. He has been the best supervisor we have had in District 1 for many years. He looks around to see what needs attention and talks to residents of this district for more input. This has not happened since I've lived here; that is more than 25 years.

Marlowe Thompson,

Crescent City