Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Uncontrolled borders leave country a mess

John Kerry says that Iraq is a complete mess because they can't control their borders.

I completely agree. What country would be stupid enough to let people come in who are undocumented and unaccounted for? What a bunch of bozos who run that government in Iraq.

What country would be so asinine as to let in a whole bunch of people with no background check? Have you ever heard of anything so stupid in your whole life?

Joe Thomas,


More questions for the Del Norte Library Board

After reading "Library Board on the defensive," I believe that the whole board needs to be defensive.

Why do I feel this way? As someone who served on the Del Norte Library Board in the past, I know some information that Angela Glore does not know.

First, the Library Board should pay for a plan to build a new building at the current site. There are new building methodologies that would allow the library to build on a tsunami run-up zone.

This is something that the library needs to be looking into. Angela Glore should be looking into the total funds in both building accounts. The total amount could surprise her.

Also, she needs to ask if the appointment of the newest member was legal.

Also, the public and Ms. Glore need to ask Mr. Sutton why he turned down locating the library at the school district. Maybe it's time to talk to the School Board again.

Richard Miles,

Crescent City

Cultural Center would make great library site

The discovery of more than $346,000 may be the best opportunity to finally get a decent library facility. Why not make it something special?

I don't mean a remodel of some empty or underused commercial building or an ugly new creation costing more for studies or engineering than for the building itself. Or an upgrade of the present facility. There is really only one best place to consider, and I am amazed it has not been mentioned in the press before.

Assuming availability, size and desire to put it to better use, the Cultural Center is by far the best place.

It would finally make it a true cultural center that would please and inspire. (What is more "cultural" than a library?)

What about the poor acoustics? For a library, that's an advantage; it may muffle noise.

A library should be conspicuous and handsome and easy to find, with enough parking and public transport.

It should be located in beautiful surroundings by other centers for recreation or relaxation. (Parks are ideal).

It should be big enough for present and expanded needs (adding a mezzanine or another wing if needed?)

It should be handy to other recreational, educational, cultural, commercial places (downtown - stores, theater).

It should have an area for temporary displays and refreshment and fun (stage? meeting hall? deck?).

That all describes our Cultural Center!

But let's remember that we Del Norters are Americans and have our own culture to savor and enjoy and preserve, and it is different. So let's not fall into the temptation of trying to play multiculturalists. We and our Cultural Center are at our best when we help our youth and our new arrivals matriculate and assimilate as mainstream Americans.

"Jack" (John M.) Burlake,

Crescent City