Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Road improvements should be spread around

It must be nice to have an asphalt street, which was in good condition, extended wider and repaved completely, while the rest of us on dirt roads are driving through big potholes and knocking our front ends on our cars out of alignment.

I have called the road superintendent twice and have asked one of his road managers to return my calls. I'm still waiting.

In the 13 years I've been here they have worked on this road twice, and one of those times they only went halfway down. We were not asking them to bring their equipment and gravel down here, just bring us some gravel or a road base, of which there's about 40 yards in their yard, and we would do the work, but so far no word from them. So one of our neighbors bought 10 yards and filled the potholes.

Why is it that the few get the services and the rest are treated like stepkids? Don't we pay property taxes like everyone else?

Juan Cornejo,

Crescent City

College board changes not best for community

It seems that the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees plans to redistrict in a way convenient for itself rather than beneficial for the communities concerned.

Dividing equally by population could be fine if it made sense geographically.

Taking away part of Del Norte County (Gasquet and Hiouchi) and combining most of Del Norte with eastern and southern Humboldt County looks like a new low point in idiotic gerrymandering.

Also, because of Rick Bennett's residence in Gasquet, he will be removed as Del Norte's choice for representation on the Board. That hardly is appropriate recognition of his long service or our preference. (It is ironic as it occurs soon after he was honored as the grand marshal of the Fourth of July parade).

Perhaps the City Council and the county Board of Supervisors will add their opposition to those protesting a decision that is another example of educational leadership lacking intelligence.

Warren Rosengren,

Crescent City

Painting over students' mural insults their work

Driving past Crescent Elk Middle School last week, I noticed that the old place was getting a fresh coat of paint. Continuing down Ninth Street, I then saw with dismay that the beautiful garden mural had been obliterated.

That mural was years in the planning, having been designed and painted by students of Crescent Elk. (I know because I was a volunteer in the garden around that time.) How wonderful it was to finally see the colorful images emerge: brilliant flowers, bugs and a gigantic hummingbird visible from blocks away added vibrancy to the neighborhood.

Now the walls are sadly blank, the artistic expression of those few students erased. It seems to me that destroying the mural was more than an oversight. It was and is an insult.

Diane Blackberry,

Crescent City