Del Norte Triplicate Readers

If anyone needs to resign, it's Gitlin

At the July 22 Board of Supervisors meeting, in his typically self-serving manner, Roger Gitlin called for the chair, David Finigan, to resign. He also claimed that a comment made by Lisa McKeown at the June 10 meeting could be construed as a "death threat," including the loaded phrase "post-9/11 environment" to justify his ridiculous claims.

The phrase "prick your heart" is hardly a death threat. If Roger Gitlin were actually familiar with at least one of the books which are the basis for all of the public praying he wants, he would know that. What is being referred to in Lisa McKeown's comments is a hope he will practice the religious beliefs he is purporting to support and feel a compunction to do the right thing (compunction - "compungere" or "prick sharply" in Latin, from "com-" [expressing intensive force] and "pungere" [to prick]). Instead of using the most direct and most rational understanding of the phrase in the context it was presented, Roger Gitlin, without a qualm and following his most hyperbolic and divisive style, chose to throw down the red herring of 9/11 to claim a threat to his life.

If anyone needs to resign from the Board of Supervisors, it is Roger Gitlin, who consistently acts like a petty, self-important little man.

On the issue of official prayer during public meetings, I am not in favor. I see such prayer as an insult to the Constitution's Article VI, Paragraph 3 provision, which states that "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." This interminable prating on about official prayer in a civic context seems to be nothing less than "a religious Test." If our public servants cannot be subject to a religious test, why should the public? A person's religious liberty does not include forcing others to listen to their ritual exhortations in the setting of a civic meeting.

Pat Gargaetas,

Crescent City

Appreciate fair and vote to keep it alive

As our great little town is all aflutter with excitement because the fair is this weekend, I want to take the opportunity to remind/inform everyone that the future of our county fair is in jeopardy. The state of California is no longer supporting county fairs, and many have had to shut down.

We as the people need to make sure that our fair does not become a distant memory. Please vote yes on Measure F in the upcoming election; it will raise our sales tax one quarter of one percent - a mere pittance. (Tourists will be helping to pay for it.)

Let's fight to keep our fair for the sake of our kids, grandkids and all of us big kids, too.

Susan Degemis,

Crescent City

Thanks to Chief Plack for years of service

Sometimes you just have to take a minute of your time and say thank you.

Recently someone in our community who has been a fixture for many years, someone you just take for granted will always be there, has retired. Not only has this person shown great leadership with his staff and officers, he has shown our community how professionalism is done.

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with Chief Plack on several community projects. He has always been kind, caring and above reproach. I value this when it comes to life in general but especially law enforcement.

There is a saying I really like and I believe it suits Chief Plack: "Live life in such a way that should someone speak badly of you, no one would believe it."

Thank for your years of service and dedication to our community.

Kim Yost,

Crescent City