Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Coastal Connections youth project is doing a great job

The article by Aaron West published July 29 ("Youth Team up with local stores to curb alcohol theft") highlights both the capacity and commitment of youth working to improve the health of our community. Witnessing the well-organized and respectful Coastal Connections Youth Organization Project (CCYOP) presentation addressing a long-standing concern of underage alcohol use was inspiring, regardless of your age. Rarely do presenters receive a standing ovation; CCYOP was an exception. You can view it in its entirety online.

Hearing of the security modifications at our local Safeway by Mr. Brian Ridgley and reading the response by Mr. Nick Gonnella at our local Walmart and their appreciation for CCYOP providing workable solutions was outstanding - truly a win-win - reducing underage access to alcohol and helping business prosper. The impact of these civic-minded youth and young adults hopefully ignites their desire to continue to help build a healthier local community.

Coastal Connections is an ongoing youth development effort, operating all year long. In partnership with Building Healthy Communities Del Norte and Adjacent Tribal Lands, local government, non-profit organizations, businesses and True North Networks, young people are supported in being successful adults. And, hearing of their commitment to register young voters (a group often underrepresented when it comes time for voting) in order to address important issues of the day is worthy of praise and support.

Thank you, CCYOP, and keep up the good work!

Gary Blatnick,

Crescent City

Supervisor has overstepped his role as a representative

I thought this may be of interest to many in Del Norte County. It's no longer as timely, but I will say it again:

June 28 marked the 227th anniversary of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin calling the Constitutional Convention to prayer after several weeks of difficult discussions and frequent impasses. The Founders well understood the need to seek God and the important part that God played both in establishing this nation and in the writing of the Constitution.

My district supervisor,David Finigan, must have aspirations to higher office since he is doing his best to emulate Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Mr. Reid feels that he can decide what bills arriving from the House of Representatives can be considered by the Senate. Mr. Finigan feels he has the same power as chair of the Board of Supervisors.

What both Mr. Reid and Mr. Finigan seem to forget is that they work for us! They all, from the local sewer board to the president of the United States, work for us and are charged with the task of doing the people's business. When they make up rules to suit themselves, whether it's prayer, sewer or immigration, we lose!

Mr. Finigan has overstepped his bounds in representing me.He needs to step down.

Virginia Walworth,

Crescent City