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Church, state separation was priority for Franklin

Regarding Virginia Walworth's letter to the editor last Thursday, Benjamin Franklin must have gotten tired of leading those prayers at the Constitutional Convention.

He, according to an hour-long documentary about him on cable channel 130 (the History Channel's secondary documentary channel) last weekend, was one of the strongestpromoters of separation of church and state at the Constitutional Convention.

Out of that convention we became the first nation in history, I am pretty sure, not to have a king or promote religion, as in a state church.

Talk about going cold turkey.

Ronald Thompson,

Crescent City

Why are people afraid of Christian expression?

Why are people so afraid of Christianity to the point the atheists have the Ten Commandments removed from public places, want Christmas scenes banned in public and on and on?

Christmas is 100 percent connected to Christianity, and look at all those who celebrate it who are so-called atheists, exchanging gifts, trees up and decorated. I do not claim to be perfect nor do I know any Christians who do, but we do our best to live the Christian life. Perfection is something a person strives for all their life.

Let's look at the atheist organization American Atheist. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the woman who put it together, was murdered by her office manager for money, and the killer killed more than one person.

Just think that if we obeyed only one of the Ten Commandments, we would end war. "Thou shalt not kill." Just think how that one would benefit humanity - just one more "Thou shalt not steal."

Now I know that nonbelievers can come up with quite a number of problems within the Christian community, but I know through personal experience what good God has done in my life. I am not saying that anyone has to be a Christian even though it's not a bad idea. I am saying that we Christians have rights to have public displays at Christmas time, Easter, etc. without problems being created by nonbelievers.

I don't play golf and other sports, but I do not try to get them banned. What are you afraid of?

Fred Cox,

Crescent City