Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Chief Plack is missed, but interim is doing well

As our police chief retires again, this author is not alone today with heartfelt sorrow over this community's loss. It is all good.

Chief Plack bowed out with the confidence in his officers to know his presence at the office is no longer required to serve our community. Our officers can now show us how they have been trained by Doug to serve with pride. As the best law enforcement money can buy on the West Coast, they have the capability to nourish a community above and beyond their call of duty.

"C.C. Police officers rock," a phrase given by Mr. Plack - believe it, true to form.

In closing I'll comment on the new chief andhellip; not bad so far. He answered the phone at the station this morning when I called. We talked until another call came in and then he asked for my number and said he would call back. Good job!

New chief, we will guide you in your endeavor of filling the shoes of our young "old chief." Good luck. You will get to know how special we are and enjoy this community, "best of the best." This may be your chance to rock with our officers.

Thanks again, Doug, and say hi to your wife for me. Enjoy the chill! You rock, dude!

Stephen Russell Anderson,

Crescent City

Thanks to Roger Gitlinfor 'getting things done'

I, Stan Jones, would like to thank Mr. Roger Gitlin for two things.

The first thing he did was clean up the mess on 5th and K streets. The people were rude to the family across the street. They climbed over the fence in the backyard and made verbal threats to them. Mr. Gitlin saw that they were removed.

The second time, he helped me receive a refund from the Crescent City Water and Sewer Department.

Mr. Roger Gitlin gets things done!

Thank you, Roger.

Stan Jones,

Crescent City