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Hospital CEOs' actions speak louder than words

Most of what we've heard from Sutter Coast Hospital CEOs (Suksi and Horn) was about how much money the hospital lost, was going to lose in 2013 and the $16.5 million hit (projected loss) the hospital will take from now to 2022. The CEOs told us the original losses were due to new billing software and billing errors.

The most recent and projected "serious Medicare cuts" are, according to CEO Horn, due to the federal sequestration and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Both CEOs denied going Critical Access. But Sutter Health executives said we needed to go Critical Access because the hospital could not make money without doing that.

Fast-forward to this year. A Sutter Coast Board member reported Sutter's first quarter of 2014 was profitable! Hooray! Then in July a news article from Bloomberg said, "Hospitals and insurers are making more money." The Wall Street Journal reported, "Hospitals are seeing profits increase under Obamacare." Then, just last weekend, a report from Modern Healthcare: "Another year of pay hikes for nonprofit hospital CEOs." It said the Sutter Health CEO in Sacramento "topped the list. He received a 53.5 percent raise in 2012."

Really? A 53.5 percent raise? Our local hospital is losing money hand-over-fist (according to Sutter), and the Sutter Health CEO gets a 53.5 percent pay raise?

Once again, Sutter's actions speak louder than their words.

Roxie Hazard,

Smith River

Gitlin tackled prayer issue for constituents

It would seem that there is a misconception about this prayer stuff. Please let me help to straighten it out a bit.

To start with, Roger Gitlin would not push for the prayer idea if it had not been for his constituents. They asked him to at least get it on the agenda so the public could weigh in on it. In trying to do so, this has been blown all out of proportion for all the wrong reasons.

I'm thinking that Pat Gargaetas' letter ("If anyone needs to resign, it's Gitlin," Aug. 2) has this all wrong. Go back and studyallthe meetings, Pat, and you will see that Roger did not ask Chairman Finigan to resign from the board, merely step down as chairperson.

As for the death threat, well, anyone telling me they hoped someone would prick my heart would constitute a death threat towards me. So should Roger be concerned about some wacko coming after him at Lisa McKeown's request? There are some crazy folks out there who might do anything for a buck.

Please, Pat, the red herring of 9/11? Can you not say something better? This sentence alone, (in my opinion) makes you on the same plane as Lisa McKeown. And we have all seen where it got her.

Some of you folks seem to forget that the board is there because of "we the people." On the other hand, four of the board members seem to forget their job is not to tell us how things will be run but to act as our spokespeople. Too much power can cause trouble.

Start coming to meetings; make your voice heard; let your supervisor know what you want. Tell Dave Finigan to put the prayer stuff on the agenda so that we the people can have our say. Much nicer than doing it in the newspaper. Even better, come out and run for a seat in your district when it becomes open. It is the only way to make a change. Get in and do it yourselves.

Mr. Finigan, you really should have let Roger Gitlin have his retort to Lisa McKeown. He waited until after the public comment period because he is a supervisor and was trying to do it correctly. Would it have hurt anything to let him have his time?

Bill Turck,

Crescent City