Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Red herrings common around prayer issue

Well, let us hope Mr. Turck ("Gitlin tackled prayer issue for constituents," Aug. 16) can pardon me for not including "from the position of chair" in my letter to the editor on Aug. 2, 2014, ("If anyone needs to resign, it's Gitlin," Aug. 2).

That does not change my opinion that Supervisor Gitlin's actions in this case were hyperbolic and divisive, or that he could give us all a break and resign. Obviously, Mr. Turck and I disagree on the nature of Mr. Gitlin's civic contribution, as well as on the common understanding of the meaning of the phrase, "prick his heart." Frankly, if Mr. Gitlin or Mr. Turck actually thought that Lisa McKeown would be sending out "wackos," I would seriously question their grip on reality. But, I will offer the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to more hyperbole.

I still maintain that using the phrase "in a post 9/11 environment" is, indeed, a red herring, used to connect unrelated events and as a predictable emotional trigger aimed straight at a fear response, short-circuiting critical thinking completely. That is a classic feature of propaganda, which is structured to bypass the forebrain and go straight for the amygdala. If understanding that puts me "on the same plane as Lisa McKeown," well then, hallelujah, because it is definitely a higher plane which I would enjoy sharing. It is unclear what Mr. Turck "sees" Lisa McKeown "got," but what she deserves to get is a medal for speaking truth to power.

Pat Gargaetas,

Crescent City

Gargaetas letter failed to teach or sway reader

If this was a test, Pat Gargaetas would fail. Reading Gargaetas' letter to the editor ("If anyone needs to resign, it's Gitlin," Aug. 2), I can only assume Pat did not do her homework and gets an F on several observations.Though I appreciate Pat giving us a lesson in Latin with the definition of compungere (prick your heart), I would respectfully suggest Gargaetas has totally missed the point of the emotional, immature outburst by public speaker Lisa McKeown at the June 10 board meeting. Supervisor Roger Gitlin is Jewish. His Bible is the Torah, or what most Christians know as the Old Testament. Gargaetas didn't do her homework on this issue and failed to understand this subject is not one of religion but of God. Gargaetas has misled Triplicate readers.

Lost in this drama is the tyrant-like behavior of current Chairman David Finigan, who to date has ignored, marginalized and dismissed scores of Del Norte citizens including his colleague, Supervisor Gitlin, who have simply asked for the chairman to place different items on the agenda; that would be democracy. This whole issue of prayer before government meetings would be over if the supervisors simply voted up or down on it. Finigan acts like a bully when he fails to place items on the agenda.

Gargaetas failed again when she incorrectly assumed Gitlin called for the 5th District supervisor to resign. Gitlin, in a composed, civil manner from the public microphone, laid out his case for Finigan to step down from chairman. Finigan rudely interrupted his presentation twice with a kind of threat, "Are you sure you want to do this?" News alert, Pat Gargaetas: David Finigan is not above the law and he will soon realize the consequences of his behavior.

Finally, if Pat Gargaetas wishes to sway my opinion, she failed again. Try not attacking the messenger with child-like, name-calling insults. It does not serve one well.Quite the contrary, I see the board's newest supervisor acting with commendable courage and character, one who stands very large on principle and integrity, two values sadly lacking with the Pat Gargaetas letter, Lisa McKeown or David Finigan.

Tim Weiland,

Crescent City