Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Reckless driving likely due to cell phone use

Just a little note about something I observed on Monday, Aug. 18.

I was driving north on Highway 101 past Suburban Gas, as an Izuzu driver managed to break the law six times within two minutes. I recorded everything with my dashcam!

First he pulled out of the gas station without looking for oncoming traffic. I applied the brakes and didn't think much about it, because things like that happen a lot, then the driver turned onto Parkway without using the turn signal, then I saw him throwing a burning cigarette out of his window.

Next he turned left onto Washington Boulevard without a turn signal; next on the west side of the overpass he turned left on the southbound on-ramp and, of course, no turn signal.

While I was going straight I looked over to see what careless and ignorant person was driving. And what do you think he was doing?

Talking on his cell phone, of course!

Axel Antes,

Crescent City